These Corporate Jihadist Are Terrorizing Innocent American Girls and Women

These Corporate Jihadist Are Terrorizing Innocent American Girls and Women

That is exactly what these corporations are and what they are doing: Salesforce, Bank of America, American Airlines, Microsoft, Apple, RedHat, PayPal, Google, Lowe’s Home Improvement, NBA, NCAA, MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), Disney, ESPN, Marvel, Facebook, Charlotte Motor Speedway, BB&T Ballpark, Biogen, DOW Chemical Company, Citrix, Bayer, NC Policy Watch, IBM, Burt’s Bees, Duke University, Wake Forest University, SAS Institute.

Amac reports that these “companies have threatened North Carolina with economic retaliation for barring men from going into Ladies rest rooms, locker rooms and other facilities that have separate facilities for each gender.”

They are jihadists because like radical Muslim groups that adopt and support an extreme Islamic ideology, these companies have adopted and support the radical LGBT agenda. They are terrorists because just as radical Muslim groups terrorize innocent people who differ with their position, these groups are using their financial muscle to enforce policies that will result in the terrorizing of innocent American girls and women who disagree with their position.

Imagine being a teenage girl who has just stepped out of the shower in a school shower room being greeted by a large male who has all his body parts on display and seems to be taking special interest in hers. For most girls this experience would be traumatic. Many women have expressed a high level of discomfort just getting undressed in front of other girls for gym class. This situation elevates that anxiety from discomfort to terror. In most cases this male would be larger and stronger than she would be, making her not only emotionally distraught but sexually at risk.

Imagine the added horror of this girl having to go through school days knowing that she will be showering and having to fear that she will encounter this situation. Imagine the discomfort of having to face this person in the hallway or if he sits next to her in class.

Or think of how a shapely twenty-something would feel emerging from the health club shower to find herself face to face with a big, naked middle age man. Frightful does not begin to describe the response of most women. Many adjectives come to mind such as exposed, betrayed, compromised, scandalized, endangered, disgusted, etc. You can probably think of a number more. If she is a married woman, imagine how her husband feels.

Adding to the terror of this situation are the many unknowns. No one really knows whether these biological males are transgender or just voyeuristic. No one knows whether normal male sexual instincts are kicking in as they view a totally exposed female. No one knows whether they will use their size and strength advantage and male sexual capabilities to inflict harm. Certainly the girl or woman being forced into the situation does not know, and this unknown increases the terror.

The corporations above are terrorizing the girls and women of North Carolina by using their economic leverage to promote policies that will force girls and women to be terrorized by this situation.

What is so irrational and revolting about the efforts of these companies is that they express such deep concern for the confused feelings of the 0.2%  of transgenders in our population while being totally unconcerned about the natural and legitimate feelings of the other 99.8% of Americans. Not only do they display a total lack of regard for the girls and women terrorized by the policies they seek to force on us, but they also convey total disregard for husbands, boyfriends, parents, grandparents, and others who feel violated and fearful as a result of this arrangement.

The Left seeks to promote the illusion that conservatives have waged a war on women. The above corporations are making it abundantly clear who is at war with women, and it is not conservatives. These companies are placing women in emotional, physical, and sexual jeopardy in order to pander to LGBT proponents.

When a Christian baker or person in another business refuses for religious reasons to provide their services for the wedding of a gay couple, various government agencies enjoy awarding the gay couple tens of thousands of dollars for emotional pain at the Christian’s expense. I wonder if the government is thinking about fining these companies tens of thousands of dollars for each of these girls and women and their loved ones who experience genuine emotional pain because of the jihad that these companies are waging against them.

5 comments on “These Corporate Jihadist Are Terrorizing Innocent American Girls and Women
  1. Martin Pagano says:

    Excellent article. I find it hard to believe that we have gone this far down the road. Has there ever been a more wicked nation?

  2. Michael Dono says:

    Mr. Brownback, I absolutely believe the idea of having non gender specific bathrooms is absurd…and I am being kind, however, these companies have the right to use their economic influence and power to effect an outcome they support. Have we not as Christians over the years asked people to boycott companies, products or TV stations because they were advocating things that were contrary to our beliefs? What’s the difference?

    • patricia kearon says:

      Good Point Michael Dono. I’m not sure what the difference is either. I support North Carolina.

  3. Kathleen Kearon says:

    Ladies restrooms are used for many purposes by the young women who use them when out and about. There are breast feeding young Moms, Moms of toddlers and pre schoolers, young teens, women who are menstruating, women needing a respite, a place of privacy for relief. These women deserve a right to their privacy, security, and safety.

  4. Mothers with infants and children, teen and older women all need to use a ladies room for a multitude of reasons requiring privacy, security, and safety. I’ve been in many public facilities where I have observed young mothers attempting to mind two and three young children while attempting to use the facility. These young Moms already feel under siege trying to use a stall, keep an eye on their kids, help their kids use the potty, wash their hands with kids all excited, locking herself in with the three kids for fear already who might pester her kids while she tries to use the facility. It is ridiculous to demand that rest rooms be accessible to men who identify as female.

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