Why Liberals Want Biological Males in Girls’ Shower Rooms

Why Liberals Want Biological Males in Girls’ Shower Rooms

Currently liberals are waging war against North Carolina over House Bill 2, which requires people to use shower rooms corresponding to the sex stated on their birth certificate. That seems to be a reasonable position. So why the liberal outrage?

First let’s consider that why this provision of the bill is reasonable.

Transgenders find themselves in a confusing situation. One shower room is compatible with their biological makeup while the other one corresponds to their emotional orientation. Therefore, they do not find compatibility in either. Since both options are problematic, it would seem far less problematic to have transgenders shower with those of the same biological gender for several reasons.

  • Most guys could care less if a guy dressed like a woman stripped down and got a shower next to them. However, for almost any teenage girl, or a woman of any age, showering with some person with male biological equipment is highly emotionally disturbing and frightening. It would seem that transgender males also would prefer accommodations in which their presence would not traumatize those around them.
  • Likewise, most gals would not care if some biological girl entering the shower room dressed as a male would shower next to them, since after taking off her pants and T-shirt there would be no apparent difference. On the other hand, if some biological girl dressed as a boy stripped down in a men’s locker room, she would be the center of attention. Whatever her sexual preference might be, the guys would be very interested in her female sexual paraphernalia. Every guy would want to have a conversation with her about the last geography class, even though he was not taking geography. It would seem that a biologically female transgender would not want to position herself as the sexual center of attention unless she had perverse motives such as seeking sexual attention or media exposure.
  • Having a transgender orientation is an internal matter of the brain and perhaps other invisible factors, but one’s biological makeup is external. In light of this reality, in the choice of a shower room where one’s external sexual apparatus is on display it makes all the sense in the world to make a decision based on external rather than internal factors.
  • House Bill 2 makes provision for those who have had a surgical sex change, which allows them to change the sex designated on their birth certificate. Liberals are screaming for the right of those who have not received this sex change to nonetheless use shower facilities of those of the opposite biological sex. However, no one really knows what is going on in the mind and emotions of the person professing to be a transgender. How does a teenage girl showering next to this person with male equipment know whether he is for real about his sexual orientation or just being voyeuristic? Or for that matter, how can a school administrator or psychologist make that determination with certainty? Anyone at all in touch with reality recognizes that showering with the cheerleaders is almost every teenage boy’s dream, and having to wear girls’ clothing to make that happen is a small price to pay.
  • Even if the transgender who has not gotten a surgical change is sincere, how do the girls in the shower room know whether he has fully made the transition, or whether he still might have substantial attraction to their nude bodies?
  • How does anyone know if after a short time the biologically male transgender will decide he is not transgender after all? By now he is fully conversant with all of physical characteristics of every girl in his class. How will these girls feel when they encounter him in the school cafeteria?
  • Since in most cases males are bigger and stronger than females, the arrangement insisted on by liberals places girls in danger of rape.
  • Perhaps the most salient issue is the moral one. Think of the position in which this liberal policy places a girl whose only option is public school. For many if not most girls, exposing their bodies publicly to those of the biologically opposite gender, regardless of what might be going on in their minds and emotions, is immoral. Just because some school administrator has decided that this biological man is really a woman does not change that moral principle for these girls. Therefore, liberal policy forces girls to violate their morality.
  • The policy advocated by liberals ultimately has everyone showering together since no one can with certainty verify a person’s sexual attitudes. Therefore, eventually this arrangement results in the moral breakdown of our society.

So in light of all of these cogent reasons for keeping biological males out of girls’ shower rooms, why are liberals so apoplectic over this policy? Why do liberal judges view the liberal arrangement as providing a fundamental human right?

The answer resides in the ultimate liberal objective, which is exposed by liberal embrace of feminists and homosexuals while at the same time showing favor toward Islam, which is hostile to feminism and homosexuality. The only common denominator held by these parties resides in their mutual animus toward the God of the Bible and Judeo-Christian culture that represents Him. The ultimate liberal objective resides in the destruction of any remnant of Judeo-Christian culture, especially its morality.

It is this hostility toward the God of the Bible that comprises the ultimate driving objective of the Left in their position on the transgender issue. If they really cared about transgenders, they would not encourage or even mandate the awkward arrangement described above. If they really cared about people, women especially, they would consider the feelings and well-being of the vast majority of the population that is not transgender. Ultimately, their only concern resides in snuffing out the fading embers of America’s Christian culture.

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  1. Wanda says:

    I believe this article is stating the truth! (And the TRUTH is not an essential to liberals.). God have mercy on them!

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