An Easy to Understand Explanation of the Election

An Easy to Understand Explanation of the Election

The complexities related to the election can be explained easily.

First, one must understand that both the Democrat party and establishment Republicans have joined together to form the ruling class. Each wants to be in power, but their primary priority is to keep one or the other in power, i.e. to keep the ruling class ruling.

Why is this important to them? Tax payers earn money and are forced to give a large portion of it to the government. This amounts to the largest pot of money in the world. The ruling class has figured out how to steer significant amounts of that money in their direction.

Several problems are created by the control of our nation by the ruling class. First, they soak up a lot of American wealth for their own benefit at taxpayer expense. But much worse, they stay in power and get their money through making decisions favorable to big business and lobbyists. These policies cost the average American vast amounts of money and run up vast amounts of debt, placing our economy in jeopardy. For example, illegal immigration and other immigration policies save big businesses a lot of money but cost average Americans jobs and also require that the average American pay for benefits for those here illegally.

For Christians, an even worst part of control by the ruling class stems from the fact that many of their big donors are from the hard Left, and therefore the ruling class institutes and maintains policies such as abortion in order to keep the donations coming.

Therefore, to benefit themselves, the ruling class is ruining our nation both economically and morally.

Under this arrangement, average Joe and Jane American lose out economically and deplore the immoral policies instituted by the ruling class. What mom and dad want their high school age daughter showering next to a biologically male transgender?

This arrangement has led to a political battle between the people and the ruling class, the typical American versus an amalgamation of the Democrat party and the Republican establishment.

For the most part the people consist of conservative Republicans. For years this group of people was under the delusion that if the Republican Party was in control, their views would be represented. However, in recent years, they have come to realize that establishment Republicans do not represent them, and therefore their vote for a Republican has provided no help.

Likewise, it took a while for more conservative Democrats, another contingent of average Americans, to realize that their party, which has migrated toward the hard Left, no longer represents them. Therefore, their vote has not been making a difference either.

The built-up hostility by these conservatives toward the ruling class has manifested itself in this year’s Republican primary in the incapacity of any establishment candidate to gain any traction, and instead Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, both non-establishment Republicans taking a substantial lead.

This outcome represents a crisis for the Republican establishment because the election of either one of these candidates would result in the ruling class losing its power. Currently it seems that their major strategy for fixing this problem resides in manipulating the primary in order to necessitate a brokered convention. This would give them a chance to exert their political muscle in the smoke-filled back rooms in order to replace Cruz or Trump with an establishment Republican candidate.

If they succeeded, this strategy would probably result in many conservative Republicans not voting in the general election and as a result a Hillary Clinton victory. It is becoming increasingly evident that these establishment Republicans would prefer Hillary to a non-establishment Republican since a victory by Hillary would keep the ruling class in power.

Though I would hate to see this occur, one potential outcome that might provide hope is the establishment of a third-party. Though it might take several years for a third party to gain traction, and survival through those years might be difficult, perhaps we would have a chance to take back our country if we finally had a party that represents us.

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  1. Barry J. Frey says:

    Is this like the Old Testament prophets seeing their nation on the brink ?

  2. Patty kearon says:

    Cruz in my opinion is also part of the establishment. Since he is in bed with his wife and Goldman Sachs

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