Is Satan’s Weakness about to Cause His Defeat in America?

Is Satan’s Weakness about to Cause His Defeat in America?

Satan is powerful. There is no doubt about it. That power manifests itself in every direction we look. We see it especially in our own nation, as he has within a half century taken it from a society with a strong Christian culture to one that murders its own babies on the altar of sexual promiscuity, embraces many other forms of immorality, and uses its power to propagate these evils around the globe.

That said, however, Satan also has a weakness. When he is confronted with an opportunity to destroy righteousness in any form he is incapable of resisting, even when his overreach works to his own detriment.

That weakness was most clearly displayed at the cross. Scripture makes it clear that Satan hates Christ. Satan sought to destroy Him on the cross, an objective which in the physical sense he achieved. However, this comprised an overreached since by killing Christ he opened the way for salvation.

There can be little question that the Nazi movement in Germany comprised a satanically driven undertaking. Books have been written seeking to demonstrate the link between the Nazis and the occult. Regardless of whether that satanic connection can be proved, the Nazi hatred of Jews and other displays of wickedness provide strong evidence of satanic influence.

Recently I read an autobiography of a German soldier who fought during World War II on the Eastern front. I found myself impressed by the tremendous effectiveness of the German military even when fighting against overwhelming odds. Had Hitler consolidated his gains in Europe and continued to develop his military, I sense little could have stopped him from world domination. Likewise, had the Japanese not bombed Pearl Harbor, America may have delayed entering the war until it was too late.

However, Satan’s desire for world domination would not let him wait. Instead he overreached in driving Hitler to attack the Soviet Union and the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. He was overly eager to see every vestige of a Judeo-Christian presence destroyed. This overreach resulted in his defeat.

We are now observing a similar satanic overreach occurring in the United States. Up until the 1960s America had been the dominant expression of Christianity in the world, both in its own culture and its global influence. Then came the hippie movement, which lasted for a brief five years in its original configuration, but which scattered its satanic seeds throughout our society, resulting in Christianity as America’s dominant culture being replaced by this demonic ideology, with hippies morphing to yuppies, and their belief system gravitating to America’s board rooms and ultimately to the White House, first in the person of Pres. Clinton and currently through Pres. Obama.

Had the Left been content to continue to solidify its gains in government, especially the judiciary and bureaucracy, in higher and public education, and in the news and entertainment industry, it seems that its advance would have been virtually unstoppable. It appears, however, that via the Obama administration Satan may have overreached with the legalization of gay marriage, requiring the use of biologically opposite locker rooms by transgenders, forcing a policy of open borders, opening the floodgates for Muslims to enter our nation, drastically reducing the military and using it for social experimentation, and doubling down on support of Planned Parenthood in the face of video evidence of its atrocities.

The rejection of both parties by mainstream Americans represents just one indicator, but a big one, that a majority of Americans believe that the Left has gone too far.

Nonetheless, as with World War II, despite Satan’s overreach victory required imitative, effective strategy, bitter fighting, and sacrifice. I believe that the overzealous actions of the Left to totally force its agenda our society has awakened Americans to the destruction that the Left is imposing on our nation, providing us with the opportunity to counterattack. The solution resides in our return to our previous Christian culture. Therefore, success depends on whether the church will shake off its current lethargy and serve as the vanguard in such a counterattack. Our survival as a nation may depend on it. The good news is that this overreach by Satan provides America with a window of political and moral hope.

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