Hope in the Midst of a Messy World

Hope in the Midst of a Messy World


As you can see, we have updated the blog. Here are several related announcements:

  • I am offering a free book download entitled This Is the Generation, which supplies proof from Scripture that the Rapture will occur during this generation. Click on the picture of the book on the sidebar, which will take you to a page where you can get the link for the download. The book is only about 60 pages long, so it is a fairly quick read. Nonetheless, it covers a crucial and relevant issue. I hope you will find it helpful and encourage your friends to get it as well.
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  • Along with the new look, I am committing myself to the blog theme, which is HOPE. We do live in times that can be discouraging. In response, my goal will be to send a message of hope in each article. This does not mean that I will neglect addressing negative issues. Often, hope begins by acknowledging the existence of evil. Only in doing so can we pursue a remedy. That said, however, I trust that each article will ultimately provide a reason for hope.

Thank you for visiting the blog today.

I once had a psychologist tell me that strength of character could be measured in the capacity of a person to deal with chaos in his life.

I have found that to be true. Life is easy when it is neat and organized. Even during tough times, if we can maintain a semblance of order we can handle the challenges. It is when five or six problems land on us all at once, and we don’t know which one to tackle first or how to deal with any of them that it is easy to fall apart. At times like that I think of the words of that psychologist and seek to approach the situation with strength rather than weakness. Being a person who has a special appreciation for order, however, makes it difficult for me to handle such situations well.

I found a truth in Scripture that helped me with this. As I was reading 1 Thessalonians it dawned on me that Paul’s ministry was engulfed in chaos. He had gotten run out of Thessalonica, he was constantly doing battle with the Jews, he had to deal with those opposing his ministry in the church at Jerusalem, problems were always cropping up within the churches he was planting, outsiders tried to mislead those churches, some of his immediate followers defected, and in addition he underwent beatings and shipwreck and other challenges.

So what is encouraging about that?

It occurred to me that in the midst of all the chaos, God’s purposes were served, that God used the apostle Paul in large part to lay the foundation for the church as we know it. In reading 1 Thessalonians or practically every other epistle that Paul wrote, we might conclude that Paul was able to accomplish very little in the midst of all the confusion. Just the opposite was true. Despite the chaos, God enabled him to successfully complete his ministry.

The aspect of chaos that gets to me most is its threat of preventing me from achieving God’s purposes. As I contemplate having a book published in the near future I find myself concerned that misunderstandings and disagreements will cloud my message, confuse readers, and undermine the objectives I am seeking to reach. However, as I consider the life of the apostle Paul I realized that the Lord will achieve His purposes in the midst of any chaos that may arise. All I need to do is keep going and stay faithful, even when confronted by confusion.

That is true for you as well. That truth allows us to enjoy hope in the midst of a messy world.

One comment on “Hope in the Midst of a Messy World
  1. Jeff King says:


    Most every time I read you blogs, they hit home in a surreal, accurate portrayal of what I’m struggling with at that time. The same holds true with this one. I am in the midst of SERIOUS chaos… this popped up in my Facebook newsfeed as I was mindlessly (so I thought) scrolling, your blog came up right away.

    It’s refreshing, just as you said, in the midst of chaos.


    Your old Lion’s fan friend..

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