That’s Not Who We Are

barack-obama-1166062_1280Donald Trump’s announcement that he would bar Muslims from entering the United States until our political leaders could get a better grip on our current situation has met with cries of outrage, especially from the left. One of the predominant responses issued by many of his detractors is framed in the cliché, “That’s not who we are.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Pres. Obama especially enjoys telling Americans “That’s not who we are,” having told us who we are not 46 times.

Taking this cliché at face value, it would seem to be referring to the values held by a majority of Americans, those inherent in our traditional culture.

The concern of Pres. Obama and those on the left about America acting in ways that do not reflect who we really are brings some questions to mind.

  • When the Supreme Court decided to take prayer and Bible reading out of public schools, did they consider that this decision does not reflect who we really are?
  • When the Supreme Court decided to legalize the murder of unborn babies, even when states prefer to ban abortion, did the court not realize that killing innocent children is not who we really are?
  • When the Democrats forced socialized medicine on the American population did they care about the fact that this is not who we really are?
  • When Pres. Obama permitted homosexuals to serve openly in the military, did he take into consideration that this is not who we really are?
  • When the court legalized homosexual marriage, did it occur to them that this is not who we really are?
  • When the Obama administration decided to allow women to serve in combat roles in the military did Pres. Obama realize that this is not who we really are?
  • When Pres. Obama decided to adopt an open border policy on our border with Mexico, did he consider whether or not that is who we are?
  • When Pres. Obama decided to advance a policy of allowing transgender people to use bathrooms and shower rooms designated for those of the opposite biological sex did he display anxiety over the reality that that’s not who we are?

I am convinced that every one of the issues above and many other policies of Pres. Obama and the left if put to a vote by the American people would be voted down, demonstrating that those decisions do not reflect who we really are. So why all of a sudden all the angst over Trump calling for an action that Pres. Obama believes does not represent who we really are, especially since it probably is who we really are if the American people were allowed to speak?

My first thought was that Pres. Obama and others on the left really don’t care about who we are, but serve up this cliché when they feel that it is useful in advancing their agenda.

However, on further consideration I realized that I was wrong. Pres. Obama in his 46 uses of this mantra employs it in all sincerity. He possesses a genuine desire to prevent Americans from acting in a way that does not represent who they really are. It is just a matter of understanding his meaning. When he asserts, “That’s not who we are,” what he really means is, “That’s not who I am, and so that is not who you are either.”

His commitment to fundamentally change America is not excluded to externals, but includes molding the American soul to reflect his own. It includes his functioning in the role of god, creating Americans in his own image, telling us that who he is determines who we must be.

Continued enthusiasm for Donald Trump even after he stated his policy regarding temporarily banning Muslims reveals that the souls of many Americans have not yet taken on the image of Obama. This reality might help Obama realize that he is not god after all.

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  1. Patty Kearon says:

    Do you support banning Muslims from coming into our country until we can do better at weeding out the terrorists?

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