Ignorance, Prejudice, and Arrogance: Attributes of the Left

Mike Lofgren recently wrote an article entitled “GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge,” posted at Consortiumnews.com, which displays all three of these unenviable qualities. A former Republican Congressional aide, he demonstrates all of the similarities between RINOs and Democrats, both creatures of the left. The article describes his astonishment at the ignorance of Ben Carson in fields outside of brain surgery and the ignorance of conservatives for being drawn to Carson’s ignorance.

However, in the article Lofgren showcases his own ignorance multiple times, calling into question his qualifications for sitting in judgment on Carson’s ignorance. For example, he likens a surgeon to a “skilled auto mechanic who is not bothered by the sight of blood and palpitating organs,” not seeing to be aware of the astronomically greater complexity between the human brain and a car. Lofgren also wonders, “if Carson the surgeon believes evolution is a hoax, where does he think the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that plague hospitals come from?” seeming never to have learned about the difference between microevolution and macroevolution.

This latter example brings us to Lofgren’s prejudice, which is defined as “An adverse judgment or opinion formed unfairly or without knowledge of the facts.” Lofgren demonstrates here and elsewhere in the article that he is unfamiliar with conservative scholarship. His disdain for conservative thinking without acquaintance with it represents a form of prejudice just as ugly as prejudice based on skin color or religion, an attitude that saturates his article.

This prejudice prompts Lofgren to equate anti-intellectualism and not agreeing with the left. The equation is simple. We have the truth. Therefore, if you don’t agree with us, you must embrace ignorance. Therefore, you are obviously anti-intellectual. This does not represent an especially intellectual approach, especially in light of the many positions on which liberals have changed their position (e.g. death by global freezing to death by global warming), the many liberal positions that have proven to be based on junk science, and the many liberal theories such as communism that have never worked.

This brings us to the arrogance issue. What the left cannot substantiate by real scholarship it compensates for by an attitude of intellectual superiority, like that displayed by Lofgren. It is of interest that the vast intellectual superiority of the left has brought us an economy on the brink of collapse, global disrespect, a shrunken military, a disappearing middle class, increasing prices and decreasing wages, a dysfunctional healthcare system, a society psychologically surviving via psychotropic medications, obesity at epidemic levels, the disintegration of the family, a failing educational system, and a host of other achievements.

One would think that this array of outcomes would engender humility rather than hubris, but since liberals control the news media, our educational systems, and other major means of communication in our society, they can ensure that their failures will not be exposed. Therefore, liberal arrogance does not have to be supported by success.

So why would Lofgren go after Carson on ignorance? Does he really think that not believing in evolution or other liberal theories disqualifies him for the office of President? Has he missed the fact that someone with Carson’s vast intellect could be up to speed on issues related to the office in short order and could make better decisions than most?

My guess is that as Carson has climbed in the polls, Lofgren’s anti-conservative prejudice compels him to find a way to knock him back down. Since a salient quality Carson has to offer resides in his brilliance, Lofgren has chosen to attack him intellectually, believing that trying to make the case that Carson is ignorant will take away his major source of appeal. As a bonus, in the process Lofgren gets to consign the whole conservative movement to ignorance. The only problem is that his attack on Carson and conservatives has only served to expose Lofgren’s own ignorance, prejudice, and arrogance.

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