The Smoking Guns Only Turn in One Direction

When a carnival comes to town it invariably includes a shooting gallery. The guns are attached to the counter by brackets that will only allow them to point toward the shooting gallery targets. That is understandable since those running the shooting gallery would rather not have shooters swinging the guns around and spraying those attending the carnival with bullets.

This scenario provides a graphic picture of the political life. Liberals comfortably fit the description of a carnival—nothing real, just games and circus acts. The media constitutes their shooting gallery, with the targets being comprised of conservatives, especially any that stick their heads up like shooting gallery targets such as Sarah Palin or Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana. When this occurs, the media quickly transforms the shooting gallery rifles into smoking guns. Most shooting galleries have about four guns. Likewise, the media have ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN. All four coordinate their narrative, taking aim at hapless conservative targets with the idea of destroying them. The combined firepower usually enables them to do so.

When no conservative target exists, the media keep the shooting gallery in business by creating targets. In the Indiana scenario it was Memories Pizza, where the daughter of the owner presented with the hypothetical scenario of whether the pizza place would cater a gay wedding conjectured that they would not. The smallness of this target becomes apparent when we consider the number of wedding parties choosing pizza for their receptions. But no matter, the smoking guns blazed, people made death threats and even talked about burning the place down, and the pizza parlor was shuttered. Nice job. The media must be proud.

This ability to hit the smallest target, and even those that do not exist, represents a great tribute to media marksmanship. They seem to never miss with their smoking guns.

In light of this notable skill, one struggles to understand their incapacity to hit some gigantic targets.

The IRS scandal provided one such target. This was not like one of those small targets in a shooting range, but more like one painted on the side of the barn. Amazing as it may seem, even with a whole array of opportunities to shoot at it, the smoking guns could never seem to find it. The President himself seems not to be able to locate this target, on television just this week claiming that it never existed.

Then there was Benghazi, with a dead ambassador and other American victims, a President AWOL, a phony explanation proved to be a lie, the mysterious lack of rescue efforts, and the Secretary of State asking, “What difference does it make?” This occurrence provided so many targets that most marksmen could hit it with their eyes closed. Once again, the media just couldn’t seem to get it in their sites.

They experienced the same problem finding the target provided by all the money the Clinton Foundation raked in while Hillary was Secretary of State, or her missing emails, or Lois Lerner’s hard drive crash, or all of the irregularities of the Iran deal.

Trying to figure out how this could be, I finally concluded that the media shooting gallery must be just like the ones in other carnivals, with smoking guns that turn just one direction, that is, only toward conservatives. They are the only real shooting gallery targets. It would be very wrong to swing the guns around and shoot at liberals. After all, they are not legitimate targets but just nice people visiting the carnival.

But now, liberals have committed atrocities so bad that the media will feel compelled to rip the guns off the brackets holding them, swing them around, and open fire. Planned Parenthood selling the organs of unborn babies, and doing so with an utterly cavalier attitude, certainly represents such a compelling cause.

But wait, the media are opening fire, but not at Planned Parenthood, not at selling baby body parts, but at the people who broke the story. We are told that Planned Parenthood broke no law (whether or not that is factual is irrelevant) but those exposing them might have (whether or not that is factual is irrelevant). The media must steadfastly stand by its one and only operating principle. The guns must be pointed only in one direction. After all, they are not real media. They just belong to the carnival.


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