The Liberal Twelfth Man

Yesterday I attended a city Council meeting that was held for the purpose of deciding whether the city should sue to reverse recent redistricting legislation. In general, liberals opposed this redistricting and wanted to sue while conservatives favored the new legislation.

People on both sides were allowed to express their views for two minutes. Since many had signed up to speak, the mayor asked that there would be no applause and also asserted that there would be no heckling. Conservatives obeyed these ground rules while liberals ignored them.

This small local occurrence is representative of the broader situation in our nation. Conservatives generally are committed to keep rules and laws while liberals break them as their modus operandi. Illustrations of this pattern are almost countless.

The number of ways in which the current administration totally disregards laws and rules is overwhelming. There are the well-known ones such as the President refusing to enforce laws not in keeping with his agenda such guarding the border against illegal immigration and unilaterally changing the law regarding ObamaCare. Note that this legal misconduct violates the very essence of his office. As the head of the executive branch, he is charged with enforcing the law, which he refuses to do, and he is prohibited from making laws, which he insists on doing.

But these violations only represent the tip of the iceberg. Using the IRS to attack political enemies, refusing to submit subpoenaed information to Congress, destruction of large quantities of emails, and other expressions of disregard for the law comprise the rule and not the exception for liberals in general and this administration in particular. That is just the way they operate.

The latest Supreme Court rulings demonstrate that this liberal disregard for the rule of law has become the rule for liberals in the judicial branch as well. As I asserted in a recent post, departing from adjudications based on the Constitution comprises the foundational expression of this liberal judicial rebellion against authority that infects every decision they make.

In the Congressional arena, Harry Reid’s use of the “nuclear option” to pass ObamaCare provides one of the most flagrant examples of disregard for the rules.

It is quite the opposite with conservatives. Yes, of course at times conservatives break rules, but the difference is that breaking rules is not the rule for conservatives but represent rare exceptions, which for the most part they oppose. Where conservatives hold public gatherings such as on the Mall in Washington, when they leave the grounds are impeccable, with every scrap of debris cleaned up. Just the opposite is the case with liberals. Their gathering at the Wisconsin State Capitol left the premises with thousands of dollars worth of damage that included urinating in the building.

Making this double standard even worse is the reality that these patterns have become so ingrained in our culture that they have become the new rule. Liberals have so consistently broken laws that it has now become the recognized rule that doing so is their prerogative. Anymore, no one raises an eyebrow when liberals break rules. That is their prerogative.

Perhaps this rule that liberals are allowed to break rules is most flagrantly displayed in the establishment of sanctuary cities that refuse to obey the rules regarding illegal immigrants. Their right to do so, to totally disregard the laws of our land, is generally accepted as being okay.

On the other hand it is required that the smallest infraction of the rules, and even statutes of political correctness that do not comprise official rules, by conservatives must be met with shock and awe. When Aaron and Melissa Klein refused to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding the Nazi boot of reprisal landed on their heads with its full weight. How dare they transgress the law of political correctness? When Indiana attempted to protect the religious rights of Christians against homosexual terrorist tactics the whole left went ballistic.

Who enforces this rule that liberals can totally ignore rules while conservatives must obey every jot and tittle? The answer is obvious: the media. They are the ones who never seem to notice liberal disregard against the rules but inflict relentless animus if a conservative dares to chew gum in class.

In football, teams often refer to their fans as “the twelfth man.” Their support is viewed to be so energizing that it is like having an extra man on the field. The liberals have a twelfth man, the media. Only rather than consisting of fans, this liberal twelfth man is the referee. Have you ever wondered why liberals are winning?

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