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Though the Supreme Court decisions of this previous week were expected, I nonetheless found them deeply troubling. Not only has the constitutional foundation of our nation been swept away, but from the human perspective our nation is now under the unrestrained control of wicked people.

The practical implications of these decisions are also seriously troubling. Already in the recent past individual Christian business owners such as bakers and photographers have been forced to knuckle under to homosexual demand, pay huge fines, or go out of business. Under the present ruling this judicial terrorism will be applied far more broadly, forcing Christian individuals, churches, and other Christian organizations to either compromise or suffer severe consequences.

I find equally troubling the response of church leadership. The resulting evangelical bravado rings hollow. It comprises noise without a plan. People who are really serious strategize rather than bluster. I find it also a turn off because it constitutes closing the barn door after the horses are already gone. If church leaders are so stalwart and committed, where were they when Christian bakers and photographers were taking a beating? Where were they across the past number of years as homosexuals were steamrolling their agenda over the American people?

Evangelical church leadership which was responsible to provide the opposing voice to the gay message was virtually silent, or its whispered tones were inaudible above the din. Evangelical church leadership revealed a disinclination to develop a strategy and rally the resources of the church behind it.

I am convinced that if a unified, aggressive campaign had been waged by the church a decade ago when the homosexual message began to gain traction, advising the American people of the nature of homosexuality, the devastation of the homosexual lifestyle, the substantially shorter lifespan it produces, the health problems it creates, the incredible numbers of sexual encounters it engenders, the short durations and infidelities that tend to characterize gay “committed relationships,” the disproportionately strong relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia, along with the teachings of Scripture opposing homosexuality, if that message had been taught in Sunday schools, preached from the pulpits, and conveyed to the public through every possible media, the homosexual agenda would not have advanced unabated from San Francisco bathhouses to the Supreme Court. The silence, fragmentation, and inactivity of the church left most Americans without an understanding of the issues and without a flag around which they could rally.

The major factor underlying this evangelical failure is found in its own absorption with the central concept that is causing the ruin of secular society, that of unconditional acceptance. If God and they accept unconditionally, that leaves little ammunition for waging the war against evil.

This evangelical pacifism toward the culture war has reduced the evangelical church to ceaseless talk of love in the absence of serious consideration of love’s biblical meaning and cluelessness regarding its biblical application. Has it ever entered their minds that all their gushing about how much they love the homosexual instead of doing battle might result in the destruction of their children? Scripture twice chronicles Jesus cleansing the temple, it records Peter and John confronting the Jewish leadership, and it describes Paul doing battle with the enemies of the gospel. But the only response contemporary evangelical leadership under the influence of unconditional acceptance can find to confront the promoters of evil that are doing unspeakable harm to our society is to convey in syrupy tones, “we love you.”

There have been a few voices such as Franklin Graham who have stood for the truth under withering fire. Their courage has been encouraging, but these voices have been too few and too far between to stem the tide.

Across the past several decades as I have observed this firestorm approaching I have desperately sought to publish a book in the hope of challenging the church to return to its biblical foundations from which it could find the strength to effectively function as salt and light in our society. Though I have committed whatever time has been available to this project, including weekends and vacations, I have encountered a number of roadblocks that have prevented me from finishing this book to my satisfaction and getting it published.

With the court decisions of this previous week and all they represent, I feel compelled to commit more time to this task. I am convinced that the only hope for America is the church, and the only hope for the church resides in a return to its biblical foundations.

Consequently, for the foreseeable future I plan to publish only one post each week on Thursday afternoons at three o’clock. I plan to begin this Thursday.

May the Lord give you strength to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ as we confront the enemies of our souls and seek to advance the truth during these evil days.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Ephesians 6:10-13 NKJV)

5 comments on “Announcement: Please Read
  1. Dimas Quintero says:

    Dr Brownback,it was good reading you article.praying God guard us and we be good witness for Him.blessings

  2. Martin Pagano says:

    I will pray that you can complete your book soon.

  3. Denise Stevanus says:

    I believe Texans could be a precursor for what you are looking for in the rest of us.

  4. Ralph Erickson says:

    Amen, Paul!

  5. Karl Whitbourne says:

    Y’kno I’ve been/visited far too many churches in my life. I’ve always just wanted one that I felt welcomed in you know. Despite my many church visits and memberships I have really NEVER heard a message, or willingness, of Love to LGBT community. The only time I have heard people encouraging members of the kingdom to reach out in loving effort to share the life, purpose, and heart of Jesus has been the few brave brothers and sisters (me included) in bible studies willing to bravely suggest clearing those roads of communication to the unsaved and unattractive members of this planet. What I have seen in abundance from God’s earthly kingdom– sadly is a collapsing of church ranks, a barring of church doors and windows, an isolation of the church from the world. Imagine heaps of burning tires and furniture on a busy highway preventing the flow of interaction. NO WONDER THE GAY AGENDA IS WINNING. WE ( the church) FAILED TO HEED THE WAR HORN OR RESCUE ALARM TO COMBAT FALLEN ANGELS,THEIR PROGENY, AND THEIR WICKED CONGREGATION. Please see follow links: . Google Keywords: “John DeCamp” “Ted Gunderson” “The Franklin Coverup” “The Conspiracy of Silence”.


    …than again perhaps this is all according to GOD’S revelations game plan?

    thank you.

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