The Enemies of Our Children and Grandchildren

Please hang in there with me because you may think that you have heard all this before. Part you have but I can almost guarantee that part you have not.

Here is the part you have heard before—many times. Our children and grandchildren will have to repay the money that this generation spends, and doing so will be very burdensome to them.

One of the reasons we keep allowing profligate spending is because people making this claim do not give any idea what this that will mean to our children in real life. I had a friend who went to Germany as an exchange student for a semester. In discussing with him how life in Germany differed from ours, he noted that many college grads with good jobs and with a couple both working only were able to afford a small apartment. I believe that if we continue on the same trajectory that will be the life to which we are consigning our children and grandchildren, or worse.

I worked with a nurse who originally was from Russia. There she was a college professor in mathematics and science. Nonetheless, she shared with me that she had never gone out to eat before coming to the United States. Eating out is one of the enjoyments of life that provide a little respite and change of scenery. It is those sorts of pleasures that we may take for granted that will not be available to our children and grandchildren.

In other words, America will look very much like a socialist or communist country. We could even end up with Soviet era bare concrete apartment buildings.

There is a second legacy we are about to leave. We recognize that our children will pay the debts that we don’t, but seldom or ever is it acknowledged that the fights that we do not fight they will need to fight, or be consigned to a miserable existence.

Many Americans are coming to realize that our society is increasingly dominated by a ruling class consisting of a layer of high-ranking government officials and a layer of wealthy business people. They work hand in glove to make themselves richer and more powerful while at the same time suppressing the middle class both in size and earning capacity.

To make matters worse, the elite class possesses a godless worldview that they are imposing on the rest of us. Of course, that makes sense. If they were Christian they would not promote an economic system that enriches them at our expense. It also makes sense because they realize that biblical Christians possess the wisdom, strength, and courage to resist the oppressive strategy they are imposing on us. Such Christians all the stuff of which the patriots of 1776 were made. Consequently, the elite must eliminate Christianity and impose their worldview. This strategy is being enacted before our very eyes.

The only solution is for the remaining Christians and good people of this country to unite and fight. If we are not willing to fight the good fight, we will leave that battle to our children and grandchildren, only by then the enemy will be far more powerful and entrenched, making it far more difficult and costly for them.

Consequently, not only are we selfish in running up debts that our children will have to pay, but we are selfish in our unwillingness to fight battles that our children will have to fight.

I am convinced that one of the great sins of Christians of this generation consists of its cowardice or lethargy or whatever prevents them from developing and implementing a meaningful strategy to counter attack the forces enslaving us. I find that the Christians in this country would be willing to fight for their leadership would lead. If the prominent evangelical voices in this country don’t soon unite, plan, and take action, our children and grandchildren will hold them in infamy, as well they should. I fear that God’s judgment on them will be even worse.


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