America is Dying from Heart Disease

Every problem confronting America today is ultimately a heart problem. To validate that assertion let me summarize some of the major challenges confronting our nation.

  • Economically America is a house of cards. We could spiral into out of control inflation or depression or some other debilitating economic condition at almost any time.
  • Our educational system is in shambles, with students performing toward the bottom in comparison with other Western nations.
  • Militarily we are growing increasingly weaker with shrinkage of our military, forced retirement of significant numbers of our officers, reduction of our nuclear capabilities, and policies that promote multiple morale problems.
  • Open borders provide both a serious security breach and also a significant financial drain.
  • Governmental decline is resulting from our founding governmental structure being totally ignored by all branches of government.
  • We are experiencing relational decline with the disintegration of the family, huge percentages of children being born out of wedlock, a large and increasing number of single-parent homes, and many opting for cohabitation rather than marriage.
  • Our moral disintegration is evidenced not only in regard to sexual promiscuity but also in decline of integrity in general, with dishonesty and irresponsibility running rampant, reducing America to a Third World status

Every one of the areas of decline listed above, and many more, must ultimately be traced to problems of the human heart. Therefore, without fixing the human heart these problems cannot be resolved, and fixing the human heart will ultimately resolve every one of them.

For example, America has all the resources necessary to be economically stable and thriving. Our economic woes cannot be attributed to a lack of economic potential but to greed, corruption, dishonesty, quest for power, irresponsibility, and other heart problems, which are all manifestations of selfishness. Unless the American heart is transformed from a selfish orientation to an agape orientation our current problems cannot be fixed.

Though I believe that capitalism works better economically then socialism, a return to a capitalist orientation will not fix our economy. Even a capitalistic system cannot succeed in a context of massive corruption. Though many of our current economic woes can be attributed to socialistic policies, many others are resulting from capitalistic greed.

For example, not only do liberals want open borders in order to increase their Hispanic voting bloc, but also big business wants open borders in order to profit from cheap labor. Our economic woes will not be resolved by government policy or political party or any other means as long as the American heart is committed to selfishness and the related corruption. The same can be said for education, the family, and every other problem confronting us.

From a positive perspective, should the American heart be committed to agape, we would realize an unprecedented economic boom. Even though we have dug a very deep economic hole for ourselves, God has blessed this nation with the capacity for such a powerful economic engine that if those resources would be unleashed through the transformation of the American heart we could undo the damage that has been inflicted and return to prosperity. Likewise, with education, the family, and other areas of decline.

Of course, in referring to a change of heart I am speaking in general terms. No heart will be totally oriented toward agape this side of heaven, and there will always be many hearts that remain inclined toward selfishness.

However, the sad reality is that our nation has bought into the “you have a right to do your own thing” philosophy, which sanctions and even glorifies selfishness, and a psychology calling for unconditional acceptance, which allows people to do their own thing, live selfishly, with impunity. Over the past half-century these orientations engendered selfishness as the dominant American heart condition. Though many Americans still manifest a good heart, we must face the reality exposed by trends and statistics that this is no longer the orientation of a large segment of Americans, especially those in power.

Only God can change hearts. If through a spiritual revival that trend toward selfishness would be replaced by an inclination toward agape, every problem listed above and others would be rectified. Apart from this, America will die from heart disease.

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