The State of the Culture War

America is engaged in a culture war, an ongoing battle between liberals and conservatives for the soul of America. How is the culture war going? How would we project the outcome based on the current situation?

First let’s look at how their forces stack up. Today we will only have space to list those allies aligning themselves with the liberal side of the war.

The liberal side might be viewed as being led by the Democratic Party and specifically by Pres. Obama. They stand for abortion, gay rights, big government and big spending, government healthcare, a weak military, a dovish foreign policy, etc.

On their side they have amassed the following forces:

  • The White House and therefore all the government bureaucracy such as the IRS, Department of Education, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Communications Commission, and a host of other bureaucratic institutions. Pres. Obama exercises authority for himself beyond constitutional limits and uses his bureaucracies aggressively, and at times illegally to enhance liberal power and advance the cause of liberalism.
  • To a great extent liberals have the Supreme Court in their corner as well as many of the circuit courts, which enables liberals to control public policy in favor of liberalism even against the will of the people such as in the issue of gay marriage.
  • They control unions, to whom they funnel financial support, and which serve the added purpose of funneling much of that money back to them political campaign contributions.
  • They for the most part control secondary education through educational unions, through federal money that is given with strings attached, through the Department of Education, and through curricula such as Common Core.
  • They control higher education, much of which is publicly funded, both directly and through Pell grants and other programs. Most university campuses are completely controlled by the left in terms of hiring professors, giving them tenure, employing liberal policies, and establishing political correctness and an extremely liberal campus culture, which serves to indoctrinate America’s young people and future leaders.
  • They control the mainstream news media, which serve as a powerful tool both for liberal indoctrination of the public and also to protect and promote liberals and to destroy conservatives. By controlling the narrative they can turn almost any development to liberal advantage and conservative disadvantage. What happens is of little political consequence. It is who controls the narrative that determines public opinion.
  • They control the entertainment media, which constantly pours out materials with liberal bias, which is especially potent in shaping minds because as people watch for entertainment and not for learning they tend not to scrutinize the message. In addition celebrities use their personal popularity as a platform to promote liberal causes.
  • They control many of the non-governmental organizations such as various foundations and the AARP. These organizations use their money and influence to promote liberalism in various ways.
  • They control much of the big money in America to include donors such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the CEOs of Apple and Google, and other major money sources. These funds are used aggressively for legal purposes.
  • They control a number of special interest groups including the black and Hispanic communities, and the homosexual community, all of which vote overwhelmingly liberal.

Together these forces form a formidable juggernaut, in part because of the size and influence of each segment, but also because these components tend to reinforce one another, significantly enhancing their cumulative influence. For example, the gay agenda is not only supported by the homosexual community, but also by the courts, by the news and entertainment media, by educational institutions, and by corporations and big money people, all these working together to allow a contingent representing less than 3% of the population to impose its will on the American people.

This listing of liberal forces graphically displays the cumulative power of liberalism that is being aggressively exercised in the culture. It is significant to underscore that liberals use every means on every occasion to advance their agenda.

My next post will view the battlefront from the conservative perspective.

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