Dream Along with Me about Fixing America

Occasionally I dream about what I would do if I woke up one morning and found myself President of the United States, only totally in charge, given the latitude do make whatever changes I felt would be best. What would you do if placed in that position? Here are some changes I would make, not necessarily in any order.

  • I would Remove liberal Supreme Court justices and replace them with a resurrected Robert Bork and Mark Levin and let them choose the others. One fringe benefit would be watching the liberal hysteria.
  • I would label lobbying what it is, bribery, outlaw it, dismiss anyone in Congress who had not recused himself from votes that benefited donors, which would mean all new elections.
  • I would seal our borders and deport anyone who was not here legally except those who had become established here, had a good record, were willing integrate with American culture, and were willing to take classes to help them do that. They could press 1 for English and press 2 for an English teacher.
  • I would shut down the IRS and introduce a national sales tax. If people have the money to buy the stuff, they have the money to pay the tax.
  • I would shut down the Department of Education and the EPA and would cut all the other departments in half.
  • I would have all welfare recipients and Social Security disability recipients rescreened and take those not qualified off the roles.
  • I would cut every unnecessary law and regulation, freeing business to function.
  • I would dump Common Core, return education to local control, and reinstitute Bible reading and prayer at the beginning of the school day.
  • I would sell that major news networks to the Koch brothers. I would enroll half of the liberals having a heart attack as a result in ObamaCare. To prevent them from putting a strain on the system, I would admit the other half to a VA hospital.
  • When I attended West Point, all of the cadets marched to chapel on a Sunday morning. Good idea. No longer. Bad idea. I would have everyone in the military in chapel every Sunday morning.
  • I would set pay and benefits for government employees at the current military pay rate, including Congressmen and their staff, and pay the military the current government rates. Congressmen set the military pay scale. See how they like it.
  • I would give any country holding an American hostage 24 hours to release them before they received a visit from our Air Force. You may recall that Ronald Regan used a few well-placed bombs to get Omar Kadafi’s attention. It proved to be a quick cure for his attention deficit disorder.
  • I would reintroduce corporal punishment in schools. When my wife taught school in Texas they has a canoe paddle with holes drilled in it to produce a greater effect. That also cured a lot of ADHD cases. You might think of it as Ritalin in motion.
  • I would place a very heavy tax on R-rated movie and all those that should be R-rated, filthy television programming, and music, and I would require a warning label like they have for cigarettes. I would write the label content myself. It would start something like this. “If you are a decent human being you will not watch or listen to this. If you allow your children to watch or listen, you will be subject to a mandatory jail sentence.” After that winsome beginning I will move to the more confrontive part.

Moving from the ridiculous to the sublime, though I enjoy dreaming about what I might do to get America back on track, as the list lengthens I begin to realize that way too much is wrong for any human being to straighten it out. This brings me to the realization that only the Lord can do this job, and that can happen only through the Second Coming, or until then, through a massive revival, a Third Great Awakening. The latter requires that the evangelical church in America come to repentance, take all of Scripture seriously, and begin to preach and apply it. Let’s make that a matter of fervent prayer. That is our only hope.

2 comments on “Dream Along with Me about Fixing America
  1. Stephanie Martin says:

    Boy do I wish I could vote you into office!!!!

  2. Cindy pinson says:

    I’ll vote for you!

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