God Is the Alpha: No Doubt about It

In my previous blog I noted that God refers to Himself as the Alpha and the Omega four times in the book of Revelation. Apparently as the culmination of history approaches He wants people to understand who they are accepting or rejecting.

During these closing days of history God has provided new, compelling support identifying Him as the Alpha and the Omega. In this post we will consider what I believe to be undeniable evidence that God is the Alpha, the one who initiated all that exists.

The 1961 publication of The Genesis Flood by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris might be viewed as the starting point of the movement to demonstrate that the nature of the universe is best explained employing a biblical perspective. This was followed by the printing of other publications and the establishment of organizations and educational institutions with a similar goal.

In the mid-1990s a new movement was initiated with a somewhat similar and yet different objective. The Intelligent Design movement has as its goal demonstrating that the neo-Darwinian naturalistic explanation for life is seriously flawed, and that the universe requires an intelligent designer. This movement avoids any attempt to identify the source of this intelligence, but confines its efforts to demonstrating the impossibility of the existence of our present world without it. This limitation notwithstanding, by validating the validation of the need for a designer this leaves the God of the Bible as the obvious choice.

This scientific quest to demonstrate the need for a designer might be viewed as including two separate emphases.

Some significant work has been done to demonstrate that the universe in general and our planet in particular required extremely accurate design for its existence and to support life. For example, if the gravitational force in the universe were any weaker or any stronger the physical existence of the universe would be impossible. This is just one of many factors demonstrating the presence of design of the environment in which life exists.

Here is a link to a fascinating YouTube video, about 32 minutes in length, explaining in understandable terms some of these characteristics of the universe and of our earth revealing the work of a Designer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoI2ms5UHWg I think you would enjoy it and benefit from it.

The other prong of the Intelligent Design movement specifically hones in on demonstrating the scientific infeasibility of the neo-Darwinian approach, but focusing even greater attention on evidence for the necessity of a designer. Another YouTube video, this one done by Eric Metaxas as part of his Socrates in the City series features Stephen Meyer, currently one of the leading personalities in the Intelligent Design movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFPhTDfcbrA

This movement has been prompted in large degree by recent findings such as those related to the DNA molecule that reveals the high degree of complexity manifested by the universe, which demands an intelligent designer. Meyer’s major emphasis relates to the existence of extremely high levels of digital information embodied in the DNA molecule and other aspects of living organisms. Since the only source of digital information is intelligence, intelligence is required in its design. Though this video goes for over an hour, I believe you would find viewing it a good investment of your time.

It is fascinating that it was only a few decades ago that the scientific establishment almost unanimously declared that God was not the Alpha. As scientists learn increasingly more about our universe in general and life in particular, it becomes increasingly more difficult for scientists to deny the existence of an intelligent origin.

Those holding to the neo-Darwinian approach continue to fight for their turf by insisting that the Intelligent Design movement is religious and not scientific, using this argument to ban it from educational institutions. However, the support for intelligent design is becoming so compelling that they are increasingly confronted by the reality that their denial of God as Alpha is not a scientific view, but a major doctrinal position of the neo-Darwinian faith, and that they are in fact the ones teaching religion in school.

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