Why Obama Rejects Netanyahu’s Speech

My previous post outlined the general content of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, which divulges the assured catastrophic results of the current deal being brokered with Iran, placing a nuclear weapon within their reach at almost any time and with certainty after 10 years.

In light of Iran’s stated commitment to destroy Israel and the United States, why would an American president pursue an agreement that would provide them with the capability of doing so?

Understanding his willingness to do so begins with recognition that his foreign policy has consistently advanced the cause of radical Islam. Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled Libya, though a Muslim, did not institute strict Islamic law. Obama worked to destabilize the area, giving the Muslim Brotherhood the latitude to take over Libya and transform it into a strict Islamic state. Likewise, Obama promoted the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, and when the Egyptian people rebelled against the Muslim Brotherhood, he did all within his capacities to keep them in power. Today the Egyptians are bitter toward the United States because of Obama’s favoring of the highly oppressive Muslim Brotherhood. To the contrary, when the Iranian people rebelled against Iran’s oppressive Islamic government, Obama extended no support or encouragement to them.

Obama’s favoring of Muslims in his foreign policy shows itself in other ways. His leaving a vacuum in Iraq predictably left the path open for radical Islam to move in. Doing nothing when they did move in, and thus allowing ISIS to gain a stockpile of American weapons that were left behind, further aided the radical Muslim cause. Likewise, the unwillingness of the Obama administration to provide substantive support for the Kurds, the primary ones fighting ISIS, displays his reticence to in any way oppose radical Islam. Likewise, his unwillingness to do anything of substance for Christians in the area who are being raped and murdered and enslaved conveys that in a Muslim versus Christian situation, Obama tends to come down on the side of Muslims. This is also the case in Nigeria where Boko Haram is kidnapping and slaughtering Christians virtually by the thousands, the Obama administration has withheld military support to our allies, the Nigerians, for the fight against this radical insurgency.

Likewise, the Obama administration has done precious little to help persecuted Christians elsewhere, most of which live in Muslim areas. I sensed his reading a letter from Pastor Saeed Abedini at the prayer breakfast was disingenuous. I believe he could have secured his release a long time ago had he used the influence of his administration to do so. To my knowledge, he has done precious little to help persecuted Christians, but he is proliferating the influx of Muslims who are deemed to be persecuted.

We find the same antipathy toward the Jewish nation. The Obama administration seems far more interested in aiding Hamas and the Palestinians than aligning himself with the Jewish people. His open hostility toward Benjamin Netanyahu and other actions unfavorable towards Israel display an attitude reflective of Muslim sympathies.

This pattern of advancing the cause of radical Islam while displaying little interest in helping Christians and Jews shows itself consistently in Obama’s foreign policy. In addition, evidence continues to mount, despite denials to the contrary, that the Obama administration has fostered a relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

One might question what I am suggesting, but the real question is what are the facts suggesting? One conclusion they suggest is that in negotiating with Iran, since America is predominantly Christian and obviously Israel is predominantly Jewish, and since Iran is governed by those favoring radical Islam, even though Obama is president of the United States his sympathies toward radical Islam and his lack of enthusiasm for supporting Christians and Jews might color the nature of the deal that he brokers.

If that conclusion sounds radical, consider that Obama’s father and step-father were Muslim, that he spent formative years growing up in a Muslim country, and that he wrote a book entitled Dreams from My Father. The fact that even the title of his book reflects the influence of his father conveys that culturally he may have strong Muslim sympathies.

If you still think my conclusion is radical, I have a question for you? Exactly why would Obama promote a deal with Iran so favorable to them and so unfavorable to the United States?

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