The Netanyahu Speech: The Big Blunder of Congress

omorrow Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, is slated to speak at a joint session of Congress. He was invited by Speaker of the house, John Boehner to deliver the speech.

An uproar has erupted over his delivering this speech because Congress did not receive Pres. Obama’s approval before inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu. Not only is Pres. Obama and his administration upset, but the media are also in an uproar over such a heavy-handed move on the part of Congress. But it doesn’t stop there. Reports today indicate that the American people overwhelmingly disagree with this power move by Congress.

I can understand why the media and the American people would take that position.

After all, if you have been following the rollout of Net Neutrality by the Federal Communication Commission you would realize several factors about how things work in Washington. First, even though Net Neutrality constitutes legislation, it is being enacted not by Congress, the legislative branch of government, but by the executive branch. Of course, our Constitution indicates that legislation must be created by the legislative branch of government, Congress. The role of the executive branch is to do just that, execute laws passed by Congress.

However, in the case of Net Neutrality the executive branch has assumed the prerogatives of making the law. This leaves us without the checks and balances provided by our founders in the Constitution since the president has taken the powers assigned to Congress and exercise them unilaterally.

We have a third branch of government, the judiciary, that also possesses the power to check the presidency, but in a case such as Net Neutrality doing so requires an extended period of time, which means that in the interim the courts exercise no practical constraints on the President. We have seen this timeframe issue at work with ObamaCare, some major judicial issues related to it still waiting to be decided in the courts. This type of delay can allow legislation to become so totally implemented that it is practically impossible to undo.

With the President’s decision to bypass Congress and the inability of the courts to stop him on a timely basis, the balance of powers prescribed in the Constitution are no longer in effect, which for all practical purposes positions Pres. Obama as a dictator. He can do whatever he chooses with impunity, autonomously. Across the past six years we have observed this dictatorial approach to governing applied to many other aspects of our national life such as illegal immigration. The President has also exercised totalitarian prerogatives many times related to ObamaCare by changing its various provisions unilaterally, without getting permission from Congress.

But, at least we have the media to call him out, to blow the whistle, to hold his feet to the fire. We all know that that is not going to happen for several reasons. First, the media are overwhelmingly liberal, and therefore they are totally supportive of Pres. Obama regardless of what he does. In addition, some of the reported interactions between his administration and the media indicate that he has put them on notice that lack of cooperation can have consequences. Therefore, between their support of him and their fear of him, the media for the most part tend to be cooperative, adding to his totalitarian powers.

Beyond that, we find that in standard totalitarian style Net Neutrality was voted on and passed without anybody knowing its provisions. They have been kept secret until it became law.

So back to Speaker John Boehner inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu without clearing it with Pres. Obama, this represents a huge mistake on Speaker Boehner’s part because of his failure to stay up to date. In the old Constitutional days, Congress constituted a separate branch of government that did not have to answer to the executive branch, the President. Somehow it got passed Speaker Boehner that those days are over. America has moved into the era of the dictator, which means that anything that Congress does must now be approved by Pres. Obama.

Perhaps the scariest part of these developments resides in the response of the American people cited above regarding Netanyahu speech. It seems that Pres. Obama and the media have even convinced them of his right to function as dictator.

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