What Would America Be like If the Media Told the Truth about Abortion

The media has not failed to tell the truth about abortion because of its lack of importance or interest. Certainly one would think that the killing of 57 million unborn Americans would comprise a story that needed to be told. Especially since these murders were perpetrated by medical doctors and legalized by the United States Supreme Court.

And since the media like human interest stories, the abortion issue includes a fantastic one. At the forefront of the abortion rights movement was Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who after Roe V Wade presided over about 60,000 abortions.

However, when the sonogram develop the capacity to clearly depict what was going on in the womb during an abortion, the reality of what he was doing hit home. In response, he switched sides in this battle and became one of the foremost pro-life advocates.

He referred to abortion as, “the most atrocious Holocaust in the history of the United States.” He wrote a book entitled Aborting America, in which among other things he blew the whistle on the dishonest statistics related to deaths from illegal abortions that were used to encourage the legalization of abortion.

Think about what a fantastic news story all of this would make. An abortionist doctor, a leading light in the abortion movement, discovering through ultrasound technology the horrendous suffering he was causing unborn babies, and in response switching sides to the pro-life movement. This would be a first-class drama. The story contains everything that a journalist could hope for, including the exposure of dishonesty to promote the abortion cause. What a profile in courage. What a display of integrity. Here was the Rosa Parks of the pro-life movement. How could the media not tell this story? As it turns out, quite easily.

In 1984 Dr. Nathanson directed and narrated a film entitled, “Silent Scream,” in which he explained what occurs in the abortion process and then shows a sonogram depicting a baby being destroyed during an abortion, which can be viewed on YouTube. In 1987 he produced another film entitled “Eclipse of Reason,” dealing with late-term abortion, also available on YouTube. Especially interesting for our discussion is the fact that this latter film includes an introduction to the topic by Charlton Heston, during which he laments the lack of media coverage on this issue. What an ideal exposé for 60 Minutes. I am rather sure that somehow the opportunity passed them by.

The journalistic attraction was heightened by the fact that Bernard Nathanson was no evangelical Christian. He was Jewish. A number of years after he switched to a pro-life position he became Catholic because of the means of forgiveness he found in Christianity.

So what would America be like if the media told the truth about abortion? First, I am convinced that there would be no legal abortion in America. The Family Research Council reports:

During a 2004 federal court review of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, pediatric intensive care physician and fetal pain researcher, Dr. Kanwaljeet S. Anand, of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the Pain Neurobiology Laboratory at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute, testified before the District Court of Nebraska on the matter of fetal pain. He testified that reputable research and his own clinical experience indicate that unborn children are capable of feeling pain by 20 weeks of gestation, and that babies of this age suffer greatly during abortion….

Seeing the films produced by Dr. Nathanson, and being informed regarding the grisly nature of abortion, I am convinced that the American people would long ago have put a stop to this American Holocaust.

Another result would be the existence of about 57 million more Americans, people who speak our language and reflect our culture, bringing their talents and energies to the advancement of our nation.

Perhaps most important, America would be far less guilty before God and consequently far more favored by His blessing. If only the media had been willing to lay aside its bias and tell the American people the truth about abortion.

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