Lying, Labeling, Liberals

[I am interrupting my series on lawlessness to address a current issue.]

Liberals love to label their enemies (that would be conservatives, especially Christian conservatives). They love to attach labels that convey a lie to conservatives to camouflage the dangers posed by their constituency.  Currently we are confronted by two of their lying labels and the evidence of their dishonesty: homophobia and Islamophobia.

Merriam-Webster defines phobia as:

Extreme and irrational fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. A phobia is classified as a type of anxiety disorder (a neurosis), since anxiety is its chief symptom.”

This definition mentions three salient characteristics of a phobia. It is extreme, it is irrational, and it represents a psychological sickness (neurosis). Therefore, these labels declare that concerns of many conservatives regarding homosexuality and Islam are over-the-top and without rational basis, thus revealing the mental imbalance of those opposing the agendas of homosexuality and Islam.

If conservatives weren’t such extremists, if only they would be rational (perhaps get some education), and if they were mentally and emotionally stable, then they would recognize that we have nothing to fear from the homosexual agenda.

Today conservatives are meeting at the Atlanta City Hall to protest the firing of Kelvin Cochran, the Atlanta Fire Chief, because of his Christian convictions regarding homosexuality. It should be noted that there is absolutely no indication of his beliefs in any way influencing his job performance or the treatment of those under his supervision. Therefore, his firing is based totally on his beliefs. Mayor Kasim Reed was obviously influenced by an openly gay City Councilman under the pretext that Cochran’s views would make it difficult for homosexuals to work in the fire department. Of course, this would mean that it would be difficult for Christians to work under a gay Fire Chief, but we know all too well that this parallel conclusion will never be acknowledged. Based on this action by the Atlanta mayor, no Christian should be allowed to hold a leadership position, and those that do should be fired.

As we know, this incident follows on the heels of a number of other homosexual terrorist-type acts, designed to make life for Christians in the workplace difficult. I use the term “terrorist” because this is how terrorists operate. They make indiscriminate strikes that places everyone in fear. We learn from the example of Brendan Eich that it is not even safe for Christians to make donations to causes in which they believe and that such contributions represent adequate cause for their dismissal even years later.

This brings us back to labeling conservatives in general and Christians in particular as being afflicted with homophobia. Liberals have known all along that the charge embodied in this label is a lie, that Christian concern over homosexuality is not extreme, is rational, and does not reflect mental and emotional imbalance but instead represents reality. The homosexual movement has intentionally and aggressively given Christians plenty to fear, and they make no pretense about it. In labeling Christians as homophobic, Liberals far from being honest are waging a propaganda war, and with their control of the media they possess the power to do so quite effectively. Lying has never bothered Liberals.

It is all too evident that the same deceit is implicated in the term Islamophobia. While the world was in an uproar last week over 12 Parisians murdered by Islamic terrorists, it seemed not to notice that during the same week, in one day, Islamic terrorists killed 2000 Nigerians. No doubt many of these were Christians. While the media and our President turn themselves inside out attempting to distance these atrocities from Islam, in reality these attempts just constitute another expression of liberal dishonesty. Though it might be argued that many Muslims are good people, the reality is that large segments of the Islamic community that are not committing such acts of terrorism give tacit approval to them at one level or another. In reality, Islam gives us plenty to fear, unless a person has no problem with being beheaded.

CNN has made the decision not to show the cartoon on the cover of the latest Charlie Hebdo publication under the guise that it is offensive to some Muslims. Of course they have never had a problem publishing material offensive to Christians. In fact, they have reveled in doing so. The difference seems to be that offended Muslims shoot and behead journalists while Christians do not. CNN’s unwillingness to air this cartoon has left me with a profound concern that this network may be struggling with a deep-seated psychological condition: it seems they have contracted Islamophobia.

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  1. Patty says:

    Liberals have a warped sense of tolerance. If they were really tolerant, then they would accept Christians have a different view then them. If a group does not believe homosexuality is right, they have no tolerance for their view. True tolerance is accepting peoples views or at least allowing other people to have their views, even if it is different then theirs

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