The Second Law of Thermodynamics is Destroying America

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

The second law in essence states that nature tends toward chaos. Lock up your house and return in 50 years, and you will open the door to chaos. You didn’t need to do anything to make that happen. The second law was at work in your absence.

The Second Law Is an Enemy

This example tells us that the second law is not our friend. This reality comes home more clearly as we reflect on the opposite of the chaos caused by the second law, which is order.

What is so great about order? Order is required to sustain life. A living organism is an organized organism. Disorder brings death. In fact, if you’re over 40 you are well aware that the second law is doing some serious work on your body.

The Second Law and Society

How does the second law relate to society? Society experiences the same tendency toward chaos and decay as nature. Let people just do their thing and you have chaos.

The bad news resides in the reality that the chaos produced by the second law in society inflicts the same result—death. Governments die. Families die. Educational systems die. In other words, societal entities require order to survive and thrive. If the government or family or educational institution is not able to maintain structure, order, it fails to be productive, decay sets in, and ultimately it dies.

Requirements for Overcoming the Second Law in Nature

Establishing and maintaining order requires information and energy.

Information is essential to establish order in the natural realm. Not just any kind of order will do. We might achieve a high degree of order in nature by putting items of the same kind of atoms together. Get all the hydrogen atoms in one place, all the chlorine atoms in another place, and so forth. Perhaps that would result in a vast explosion. I don’t know. But I do know that it would achieve very little. In creation God organized atoms in a way that sustains life. He supplied the necessary information.

Order also requires energy. Your computer contains all of the information necessary to function effectively. However, it is only as you plug it in or connect it to the battery that this information can bring order to your monitor and printer.

Energy without organizing information results in an explosion. Information without energy is dead theory. Both work together to overcome the force of the second law and maintain life.

Requirements for Overcoming the Second Law in Society

Society also needs information. As with the natural order, not just any organizational structure will do. We have seen the failure of communism everywhere it has been tried. Our founders, advised by Scripture, developed our Constitution, which has proved to embody a valid information source for the organization of a healthy society. This success also depended on our Christian culture, which provided added information to the American people in crucial areas such as morality, family structure, and spiritual functioning. The Bible and Constitution together provided the essential information to form and maintain a successful social order.

Establishing and maintaining this order also has required energy, which was supplied by Christians, energized by the Holy Spirit, and also by those who were not Christian but who were sufficiently energized by American Christian culture to contribute to the building of our nation.

America after 50 Years under the Second Law

If an American who died in in 1960 would return to our nation today, he would find the same level of chaos as the man who returned to his unintended house after 50 years. He would be confronted by deteriorating families, governmental and educational chaos, economic disaster, horrendous moral decline, and overwhelming spiritual erosion.

Producing this chaos required nothing. The second law just took over. This, of course, occurred in the absence of the necessary information and energy. The information provided by the Bible and the Constitution has been abandoned, replaced by philosophies framed in terms such as “You have a right to do your own thing,” and “You should be accepted unconditionally,” both of which not only fail to provide essential information for a society, but worse, they assert that none should exist.

These concepts have not only deprived America of the informational foundation necessary to stave off chaos, but they also have robbed us of the energy, the strength, the character, the moral might required to bring effective order to society. The resulting chaos is robbing America of its societal life.

There is only one way out, recognize that our own resources are not capable of providing sufficient information or energy to overcome the second law. Liberals brag about this being a post-Christian era and Obama displays hubris in declaring that this is not a Christian nation, but they seem not to notice the resulting chaos—some of the first to be flatlined by the second law.

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