Who Would Jesus deport?

A sign carried at an anti-deportation rally read, “Who would Jesus deport?” The question apparently was meant to be rhetorical, suggesting that if the decision were left to Jesus He would deport no one, further implying that neither should we. Knowing what Jesus would do, identifying the most loving course of action, is more complex than one might think, and might not lead to the assumed conclusion.

This post will identify factors that should be considered in seeking to determine who Jesus would deport.

A Sign of the Times

The message of this sign suggests a major oversight, one not uncommon especially among liberals. It conveys that the only parties to be considered in this decision are the illegal aliens. Since being here illegally is a crime, this is tantamount to suggesting that a criminal court should only consider the well-being of the law breaker.

Does Everyone Get to be Loved?

The obvious reality is that first consideration should be given to the citizens of this country, those who live here legally, who have contributed to its building and resources. Or to state the case in terms of agape, illegal aliens are not the only ones who should be loved. In determining the most loving course of action, the well-being of American citizens should be included in the equation.

God Ordained Nations and Law

Various passage of Scripture indicate that nations with governments and laws are part of God’s design, features of human existence necessary to fend off chaos and maintain order. Therefore, maintaining the laws of a country constitutes a foundational expression of agape. To ignore national boundaries and the laws that maintain them and define the populations that live within them would undermine God’s design and promote chaos and lead to an unloving existence for those living within them.

Current Chaos

As a result of our nation’s failure to protect our borders we can observe this chaos setting in on many fronts. We find financial chaos as we seek to support and care for many illegal aliens. We witness civil chaos as some commit crimes harmful to American citizens. Chaos in the area of health has resulted, with diseases being introduced into our country. Younger illegal immigrants have created chaos in our educational system as schools have attempted to accommodate them. The list could go on of manifestations of societal disruption resulting from our failure to maintain our boundaries and enforce our laws.

Since chaos would provide an environment detrimental to all, love demands that we maintain our boundaries and enforce our laws, which would include deportation of those here illegally.

Loving Everyone

All that said, however, I believe that agape would also seek a way to protect the wellbeing of American citizens and still show consideration for illegal aliens.

The Program

This must begin with closing the border. We obviously can do this, and we should. To seek to solve the problem while perpetuating it reveals lack of sincerity in actually resolving the issue. Until the border is closed, no other action should occur.

Once the border is sealed, I believe we need to track down and deport all illegals who have been engaged in criminal activity. We should also locate and deport those who have been milking our system without making responsible efforts to carry their fair share.

However, those making a contribution we should allow to stay, offering a path to citizenship that would include learning English, real American history, and other subjects that would help them assimilate.

Blessed by Mexicans

I love the Mexican people because so many of them are hard workers. I have worked with them in various venues and have gained a deep appreciation for their work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Many of them start small businesses in areas requiring responsibility, hard work, and initiative. Most construction sites today reveal that America is now being built in large measure by Mexicans.

One problem facing America is our need for adding to our population since abortion, late marriages, a decreased desire to have children, and other factors have resulted in a birth rate substantially lower than that which is needed to keep our country going. This is a problem in Europe as well. There they have sought a solution through the influx of Muslims. That is turning out very poorly. God in His mercy has given us a much more favorable alternative in the Mexican people. Therefore, allowing responsible ones to stay comprises a blessing to us as well as to them.

The Ultimate Condition for Citizenship

Did I mention that the ultimate qualification for citizenship would be taking a course teaching how the Democrat Party is ruining this country and that the Republicans are not doing much better, and consequently that new citizens should vote for the new Anglo-Hispanic Party headed by Ted Cruz—a good Hispanic name. Keeping those committed to this program is what Jesus would do.

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