President Obama’s Ministry to American Evangelicals

Yes, I believe that God has brought President of Obama to the White House to minister to the evangelicals of America. He did not accomplish that ministry during his first term, and so the Lord returned him for a second attempt.

The identification of that ministry requires some background information.

Think back to April 14of this year when about 300 school girls between the ages of 16 and 18 were kidnapped from a Nigerian school, most of them Christians. A moderate amount of concern was expressed at the time, especially about two weeks after their kidnapping when the secular media picked up the story—which had been available since the day they were taken. The response from evangelicals in America was minimal.

Now concern for these girls has almost completely dissipated, even though most of them have not been rescued. In the meantime the Boko Haram leader expressed his right and intent to sell them as sex slaves. On line the few stories still appearing regarding their plight originate predominantly from secular sources.

The minimal attention given this story comprises more than normal concern because of its emotional component—a large group of innocent teenage girls kidnapped and sold as sex slaves is a captivating scenario. The less sensational story is found in the killing of literally thousands of Christians in Nigeria by the same group already this year. But there is not much to look at here. Ordinary murder can’t compare to sensationalism of girls sold as sex slaves, so American evangelicals have hardly acknowledged this reality.

Then in mid-August ISIS forces took Mosul, killing Christian men primarily by beheading or hanging, and then took their wives and daughters to use as sex slaves. At least 500 hundred and perhaps more were taken. The most attractive went to ISIS “princes,” for use as sex slaves while others were sold in a slave market. A Christian clergyman from the area reported on One America News that they were stripped naked so that the buyers could see what they were purchasing.

Related to this development was the beheading of young Christian children, some of the heads being put on sticks and paraded around the area.

These were truly unspeakable atrocities as evidence of the fact that they were unspoken of by most churches, either in prayer or otherwise, and for most who did mention them this is now old news.

If this question sounds crude, it is not meant to be. Rather, it represents the reality American evangelicals dismiss. I ask my women readers to imagine just seeing your husbands or fathers being hanged and your children or little brothers just being beheaded, and then being stripped, exposed in front of a group of men, perhaps many of them older men, one of which will buy you to perform sex for him and maybe others, any way, any time, for the rest of your life, with a good chance that your fate will include brutality and that there will be no escape. I would ask my male readers to imagine if this were the fate of your wife, daughter, or granddaughter.

I want to underscore that these questions are not graphic. Graphic questions would include the likely details of the plight of these women, too horrific to even ponder.

Also horrific is the reality that both sets of woman described above are being subjected to that terrible and inescapable fate as you read this.

What does this have to do with a ministry of President Obama to the church in America?

The lack of concern of the American evangelical church for these women, their hanged husbands, their beheaded children, the thousands of others in Nigeria who have been slaughtered, the hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Syria who have been displaced reveals a church that talks most of love and shows least. It reveals a hardness of heart that must grieve the heart of God. It reflects a profound selfishness that prevents Christians and churches from feeling concern over anything beyond themselves.

I believe God has sent Barack Obama to rain ruination on this nation until God gets the attention of the evangelical community and they come to repentance. I pray daily for either his salvation or his removal, but at the same time I do not believe God will remove him until the church acknowledges and repents of its callous heart and self-absorption. In a previous post I even postulated that this chastening period may go beyond the Constitutionally authorized eight years.

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” (Hebrews 13:3 ESV) God is seeking for a few caring people in the midst of a heartless generation. I hope you are one of them.

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  1. Carol Wells says:

    This is powerful. Makes me cry, and to think we as Christians are not doing our part. I am so ashamed that I do not do more, in praying and believing that GOD will WIN, but we have got to get on our knees, and have our hearts hurt as God’s does. Thanks you for your frank words. Carol

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