Choosing What You Will Be Tomorrow

If You Are Wearing It, You Ate It

I saw a sign in the gym several weeks ago that observed, “If you are wearing it, you ate it.” “Wearing it” referred to wearing flab on your skeletal frame. There seems to be no way to fault the logic. How else would it get there? Which makes the thought all that more painful. I did this to myself.

Of course the opposite is true also. Those of you who look in the mirror and see six pack abs can take satisfaction in the series of choices you made for your physical conditioning to become a reality.

My last post discussed the overwhelming reality of human choice, and the fact that ultimately we decide whether our lives will be a success or failure.

Today I’d like us to think about a particular aspect of the power of choice. Not only does choice determine whether we will succeed, but it also determines what we will become. As noted above, choices that we make today regarding eating and exercise in large measure determine what we become physically tomorrow.

Power Centers in the Brain

Even more important is the impact of our choices on our inner person.

When I was a teenager I worked on an excavation crew that was made up of guys mostly in her 40s. I was amazed by their capacity to find something sexual to say even about elderly ladies that walked past. Every time I reflect on the inclinations of those men, Titus 1:15 comes to mind,  “To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.”

This verse seems to be saying that the more our minds dwell on certain topics, the more inclined we become to see the various experiences of life from that perspective. It seems that Donald Trump probably views most experiences from the perspective of business. In other words, our thoughts develop power centers in our brain, and the more we think about a topic the stronger that power center becomes, and consequently the greater the power it exercises in prompting us to see our experiences from that perspective.

This means that the choices we make today regarding thinking about a certain topic will configure our brain to be even more focused on that topic tomorrow. And as that topic gains power, we will be even more likely to think in those terms the day after tomorrow, which will ultimately result in that topic becoming a powerful factor in how we view life.

Imagine the difference it makes in a person’s brain if he decides to memorize and meditate on Scripture as opposed to viewing pornography.

My experience has revealed that ungodly power centers built across the years are extremely difficult to get rid of. This takes us back to, “If you are wearing it, you ate it.” Just as weight goes on so easily but requires immense discipline to lose, likewise ungodly power centers are effortless to create but extremely difficult to reduce and eradicate. Therefore, it is crucial that we think about the right things today so let tomorrow we can have a brain configuration that reflects biblical qualities and encourages us toward a biblical lifestyle tomorrow.

Working out the Will

Not only do today’s choices regarding our bodies and minds determine the person we will be tomorrow, but the same can be said regarding our will. In Romans 5:3-4 Paul speaks of rejoicing in tribulations because tribulation produces endurance and endurance produces character. No pill can give us endurance. It only comes through the exercise program God designed for us.

If when you trip on a toy one of the kids left on the floor, spilling your coffee all over the carpet you lose it and react emotionally, you failed to do the exercise. The weight bench was there with the barbell in place, but instead of pumping iron you decided the bench would make a great place to sit down and eat chips and drink Coke. You will be a weaker rather than a stronger person because of it. However, if as you now notice that the coffee also splashed all over your pants and shoes you force yourself to ask, “What would Jesus do?” come up with the right answer, and implement it, you just pumped some iron, and if you look in a spiritual mirror you will notice that your character biceps are a little more cut and ripped.

But most significant of all, that godly response today increases our strength for making godly responses tomorrow. Psalm 1 describes the wicked as the chaff that the wind drives away, but Isaiah 61:3 refers to “oaks of righteousness.” Chaff grows in practically no time, but an oak requires many years.

What a tragedy to fail to participate in God’s exercise program, consequently only becoming chaff. But if we are willing to respond to the challenges of life with godliness, slowly but surely we will develop into oaks of righteousness. Choice is an awesome thing. We can choose to be D.L. Moodys or Adolf Hitlers. Making godly choices today will make us a person strong character tomorrow. No pain, no gain.

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