Children are being Beheaded, Women Raped, and Men Hanged, and the World Yawns

Citadel graduate, Larry Boyd, just directed my attention to an article recounting unspeakable atrocities being inflicted on our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq. The article reports: “More children are getting beheaded, mothers are getting raped and killed, and fathers are being hung.” It also states: “There is a park in Mosul, where [ISIS] they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick….”

We have heard reports of persecution and even murders, but this is far worse than any persecution I can recall. I have also heard that these terrorists are taking everything from Christians and sending them away destitute into conditions where survival is difficult if possible. They demand women give them their wedding rings, and if they cannot get them off quickly enough they cut off their fingers.

Perhaps more appalling than these actions is the silence of the world. President Barack Obama is particularly culpable. Even in the face of these inhumanities he persists in his commitment to support anything Muslim, especially radical Muslim, and oppose anything Jewish or Christian. He put these inclinations on blatant display today in a decision to provide protection and aid to the Yazidis, a Zoroastrian sect that is being ravaged by the terrorists, while ignoring the plight of Christians.

A lone voice in Washington has been representative Frank Wolf of Virginia who has gone to the House floor nine times in the past two weeks pleading for the White House to do something.

Equally as reprehensible is the silence of the church in America. I have searched the Internet for any kind of a statement from American evangelical leaders, and I have found nothing. Perhaps something is being done but not reported there, though that seems unlikely. Though a simple statement of concern would be of little value, it would at least be something. One would think under these extreme conditions that the leadership of the Southern Baptists, Assemblies of God, and other major denominations would at minimum be mobilizing prayer vigils, letter writing campaigns, and even demonstrations.

In a recent article, General Superintendent of Assemblies of God stated this:

First, I want to remind us all that our Fellowship’s reasons for being are evangelism, worship, discipleship and compassion—not politics. As the tide of post-Christian secularism rises throughout our nation, it is tempting for Christians on both sides of the pulpit to turn to political activism to stem the tide. This is shortsighted and therefore ineffective.

Regarding his reference to compassion, I would like to ask him what compassion non-involvement in politics is showing to these people or towards babies being aborted. Jesus commanded us to love. One expression of agape is comprised of standing for the helpless such as persecuted Christians and babies about to be aborted in the political arena. What is so righteous about drawing a circle around the political arena and pronouncing that we won’t exercise agape there? Yet, this is in effect what his statement is calling us to do.

My purpose is not to castigate Doctor Wood or Assemblies of God. Of the denominations in America they are being more productive than practically any other. I only mention them because of Doctor Wood’s article, and because they serve to represent almost all other denominations in the nation in their unwillingness to dirty their hands in the political arena. I view this response as a contemporary rendition of the religious leaders in the story of the good Samaritan passing by the beaten and dying man. Let’s pray that God soon sends along a Samaritan.

Meanwhile, the self-righteous media decries casualties inflicted by Israel against a terrorist organization that hides weapons in hospitals, schools, mosques, and apartment buildings, requiring civilians to stay and be killed. Of course, they don’t report those details, and they are for the most part are silent about the atrocities against Christians. They, too, as they bend reality to fit their agenda have blood on their hands.

It is overwhelming to realize that as this post goes out children are being beheaded, their mothers raped, and their fathers hanged, and the secular world and the Christian world pretend not to notice. In addition, thousands have lost their homes, many of them wondering without food and water in hundred plus degree weather, set our by Muslim terrorists to die.

We must be in prayer for these people: fervent, extended prayer. We cannot forget them. They must remain continually on our hearts until they are rescued. We must also keep asking the Lord what we can do, and we must do what we can whatever that might be. It is of comfort to know that in the world where very few people care about these brutalize brothers and sisters that you do. Thank you for caring and praying.

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  1. Sally and Doug Frisbey says:

    I’m getting involved with Voice of the Martyrs and am getting afghans together for the persecuted in Syria. Perhaps I can get some items sent in to Iraq as well. Will keep you all posted.

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