Media Makes Right

The old adage “might makes right” represents a jaded but realistic attitude toward truth and justice. Those in power can establish the narrative, write the textbooks, control the educational system, established the laws, and through other means determine that which is viewed to be right.

The Power of Media

In our society the ultimate might resides in the media, because the media has the ultimate might in contemporary America and around the globe.

They exercise ultimate power because of their capacity to control all else.

  • The media largely determines who gets elected, and therefore they control government. They also control government through bias attacks on those who disagree with their position.
  • They also control educational systems by representing or misrepresenting whatever cause they choose. For example, the media make those opposed to evolution for scientific reasons appear to be mindless religious zealots. This enables the media to keep irrational evolutionary perspectives entrenched in all public education.
  • They have the capacity to control public opinion on virtually every matter. For example, if they were willing to reveal to the public the cruelty involved in abortion, especially late-term abortion, the public outrage would end this practice almost immediately.

The Major Source of Contemporary Media Power

Though the media have always been powerful, the advent of television has provided it with a weapon that none can withstand. Neil Postman in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death warned us regarding the lethal capacity of pictures to invade the worldview of an individual without rational processing.

This capacity gives news and entertainment media almost absolute control of the belief system of our society. As a result they no longer are limited by the rational capabilities of the viewer but can convey a totally irrational message and mold viewers into believers.

This capacity to bypass human reason allows the media to establish truth and justice at will. This unlimited power is not restricted to America but is exercised by media globally.

The Latest Media Triumph In Making Wrong Right

The latest graphic display of this media muscle is manifested in its success in making Israel the villain and Hamas the victim in the current conflict. Anybody rationally following this engagement realizes a number of incontrovertible factors indicating that the truth is just the opposite:

  • Hamas is the aggressor. It has started and continues to perpetuate this conflagration.
  • Israel has been responsive to every good-faith effort to stop it. Hamas refuses to accept good-faith efforts to stop it, even those espoused by other Muslim nations.
  • Israel has gone far above and beyond any nation in all of history in seeking to avoid Palestinian casualties.
  • Hamas aggressively actively seeks to inflict casualties on Israeli civilians in any way they possibly can.
  • Hamas shamelessly positions its rocket launchers in schools, hospitals and mosques, and other places that would lend themselves to civilian casualties. They insist that civilians located in those areas stay there.

So the list could go on.

The Result of Media Hostility toward Israel

The global impact of this anti-Israel media orientation is not excluded to a high level of anti-Israel sentiment, but also has given rise of virulent anti-Semitism. Currently blatant anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hostilities are at fever pitch throughout Europe and rising in America, especially in academic circles.

The apparent liberal media satisfaction with this outcome might seem puzzling since Jewish people have been some of the strongest contributors to, advocates of, and promoters of liberalism. The left leaning orientation of Jews in America is manifested by the 74% of their vote cast for President Obama in the 2008 election. A high percentage of Hollywood’s elite have been Jewish. Jewish people are highly represented in liberal academia.

Why would liberal media turn against some of its staunchest constituents? A related question is why would liberal media side with a group like Hamas that stands for everything liberals claim to abhor: anti-women, anti-gay, pro-war? The only rational answer is found in a satanic hostility toward God and His people, whether those people are Christians or Jews.

The Bottom Line

The capacity of the media to use their might to determine right regarding the Jews is also being used with similar success against Christians. This media animus makes this world a very unsafe place for God’s people. Even worse, that media hostility is just beginning to be unleashed.

What is the response of God’s people? The Jews are doing all they can with the limited resources available to them to fight this bias. Christians for the most part are doing nothing.

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