Living Where the Power Is

I just finished reading—last night, in fact—a book entitled Kisses from Katie. I know, I know. It sounds like a girlie book, the literary version of a chick flick. It is in a way. I have never read the words cuddle and snuggle so many times in one book. However, at a more profound level this book puts all the men I know to shame—especially me.

It is written by and about Katie Davis, who right out of high school took a missions trip to Uganda, which stretched out to a year ministering in that country, and after coming back to the United States to do a semester of college to fulfill a promise to her parents has now become a permanent commitment.

Doing so has meant giving up all the comforts of the United States, which for her were considerable, and ultimately giving up her boyfriend and plans for marriage. By age 22 she had adopted 14 children as a single mom, developed a program which enables 600 children to go to school, and ministered in more ways than I could keep up with reading the book. Through these activities countless Ugandans have come the Lord, and she has saved the lives of many Ugandans through medical assistance. Her level of commitment, her walk with and trust in the Lord, and her heart for people are profound and very challenging.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you. Maybe she could publish a men’s version with a different title and a little less snuggling and cuddling.

My previous post announced that in the next number of posts I wanted reflect on the armor of God. So what possibly could Kisses from Katie have to do with armor?

The passage on the armor begins in Ephesians 6:10 with his admonition: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” I think a better translation of this exhortation would be, “Be empowered in the Lord even in the dominion of His strength.” This translation, which I believe is accurate, indicates that we fuel up with empowerment for battle as we live in God’s dominion were we can partake of His strength. “Be empowered” is present tense, indicating that this enablement does not consist of a one-time shot of spiritual power that lasts for a lifetime, but instead we must constantly refuel, as we do when we eat three meals a day.

Many of the children Katie adopted when she found them were very sick and weak, some near death. She took them into her home where they have been nourished back to health to the point where they are now full of vitality. Her home has for them become the environment of empowerment. In that life-giving atmosphere they have at their disposal all of the resources necessary to build and maintain strength.

Likewise, Ephesians 6:10 indicates that the resources for our empowerment for battle are located in the dominion of God’s strength. Consequently, “to be strong in the Lord” we must live in that realm. Live in the earthly realm and we will grow weak and incapable of fighting the daily battles that confront us. Live in the heavenly realm and we will fuel up with all the power we will ever need.

Therefore, a necessary requisite for victory in battle consists of living in the heavenly realm.

Just what does that mean at the practical level? It entails continuously living according to the realities of the spiritual realm. Doing so requires maintaining a thought-life continuously focused on spiritual realities: seeing God in the midst of every situation, applying the principles and values of His kingdom to every circumstance, viewing every development from the perspective of His plan, making decisions based on His purposes, praying for and depending on His resources to meet our needs, and assessing everything from eternity’s perspective.

In other words, though we are surrounded by a material world, living in the dominion of His strength requires that we recognize that we are also living in the midst of a spiritual world that encompasses but extends far beyond this material world, and that we give priority to the spiritual realm.

As we live as citizens of that heavenly kingdom we will find ourselves spiritually empowered to deal with the challenges that confront us. Just like the kids that become strong by living in Katie’s home, so as we live in God’s home, nourished by his resources, we will be strong people, empowered to face the challenges confronting us.

I might add that this book teaches this lesson even more graphically by describing the tremendous power possessed by a 22-year-old girl living in the dominion of that strength, which is enabling her to achieve supernatural tasks to God’s glory on a daily basis.

Ignore the title and read the book. Guarantee–you will be blown away.

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