Obama’s Weathervane Points Toward Muslim

The story is told of the weather man who after giving the weather report and planning to head home looked out the window to see if it was raining. It seems that with all of the high-tech indicators, direct observation can be the most reliable one. Though it is very old-fashioned, to be sure what direction the wind is blowing the safest way is to look at a weathervane.

In a previous post I provided various reasons for believing that Barack Obama is culturally Muslim. He may hold some Christian doctrines, though I personally don’t believe that he does, but many factors suggest his Muslim cultural orientation.

Let me just list some of them:

  • He spent three of his most formative years in Indonesia in a Muslim environment.
  • His father, whom it appears he idolized, was Muslim.
  • His instincts are Muslim as evidenced in the hostility toward Israel and Christianity and favorability toward Islam.
  • He has invited Muslims to hold key positions in his administration.
  • He failed to provide any encouragement to the revolution in Iran against the radical Muslim government.
  • He has eased boycotts against Iran that were designed to impede their developing a nuclear weapon.
  • He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and worked to prevent their ouster.
  • His policies in Libya opened the door for a radical Muslim administration.
  • He has not provided substantive help to two Christians, Pastor Saeed, an American imprisoned by the Iranians, and Miriam Ibrahim who is still held in Sudan, whose husband and children are Americans. It appears that virtually every time the issue is between Muslims and Christians, Obama refuses to side with Christians, even if they are American or have American connections.
  • He asserted that America was not a Christian nation but also a Jewish nation and a Muslim nation and a Buddhist nation and a Hindu nation and a nation of nonbelievers. Muslims comprise about 1% of the United States population while Christians make up about 10% of the population of Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country. I am wondering if Barack Obama which states that Indonesia was not a Muslim country. Even in Pakistan the percentage of Christians is larger than the percentage of Muslims in America. Can we imagine Barack Obama telling the Pakistanis that theirs is not a Muslim nation?

However, perhaps more compelling than all of these indicators that our President is culturally Muslim is a recent study indicating that the approval rating of President Obama among the Muslims community in the United States is drastically higher than among other American religions. A Politico story reports: “According to a Gallup poll released Friday that tracked responses for the first six months of 2014, 72 percent of Muslims said they approve of the president, compared with just 20 percent who disapprove.” Catholic approval rating was 44% and Protestants 37%.

This sense of kinship and identity felt by the Muslim community perhaps more directly than any other factor exposes President Obama’s Muslim cultural leanings. It serves as a weathervane telling us that President Obama functions in a way in which Muslims feel an affinity. They view him as one of their own.

What might we take away from America electing a President who is essentially Muslim culturally, especially electing him the second time, after getting to know him for four years?

One conclusion we might draw is that Americans do not sense that their Christian cultural roots are that unique or helpful. There is a sense in our nation that all religions are essentially the same qualitatively speaking. The fact that we happen to be Christian and other nations happen to be Muslim does not provide us with a unique advantage. So having a culturally Muslim President would not be a drawback.

Now that in another poll Americans have judged Barack Obama to be the worst President in recent history, perhaps Americans will be awakened to the reality that Christianity does make a difference. Even if a President such as Bill Clinton has no strong spiritual inclinations, cultural Christian roots provided him with an advantage. I am convinced that President Obama has no deficiency of intellect or capability. Rather, his Muslim roots place him at a disadvantage, and especially so as the leader of a nation whose cultural roots have been Christian.

For us as individuals, these realities should cause us to appreciate all the more the value of our Christian faith, which provides us with a tremendous advantage because it constitutes the embodiment of truth.

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