Barack Obama: American Augustus

Barack Obama meets the definition of a dictator. A person would be hard-pressed to show otherwise.

Here is one dictionary definition of a dictator, one which is fairly typical: ”a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.”

President Obama meets this definition in any number of ways. Perhaps the most obvious is found in his declaration that if Congress does not support his agenda that he has a pen and a phone and will implement his program unilaterally through Executive Order. He has made good on his threat. Therefore, our constitutional form of government no longer exists. President Obama now exercises of the power that the Constitution assigns to the Congress as well as that of the executive branch. This means that he is both legislator and executor, giving him absolute power, thus meeting the definition of a dictator.

One might argue that there is still the power of the judicial branch. However, as we have seen, it requires a significant time for the judicial branch to act, and in the meantime President Obama is in total control, wields dictatorial power.

Related to President Obama’s dictatorial rule by Executive Order, he has also in any number of ways ignored the Constitution, which means that he does not serve under the law but has become a law unto himself—thus meeting the definition of a dictator.

Yet another expression of his dictatorial power is found in the unwillingness of the Congress, especially the Republican House of Representatives, to challenge his exercise of absolute power. We do not know why John Boehner does not push back but instead blocks any substantive response to Obama dictatorship. As a politician Boehner makes pretenses in that direction that lack any substance. His latest move of that nature is filing suit against the President, an act which most constitutional lawyers predict will go nowhere since he has not used the powers granted to him to stop Obama’s dictatorial behavior. It appears that this will just add up to another political move to make him look like he is doing something when he is not.

In an interview by Governor Rick Perry of Texas last night, he was asked about a recent conversation he had with President Obama regarding the border situation. I found it interesting that Governor Perry, for whom I have immense respect, gave President Obama a virtual pass on everything, being critical of nothing. This paralleled the response by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey regarding his interaction with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy.

It is of interest to me that all of these people convey the same acquiescence to President Obama as did Chief Justice John Roberts in his ruling on ObamaCare. Can it be a coincidence that all of these people who have good reason to do otherwise seem to fall into line, allowing Obama to perpetuate his dictatorial course? It almost seems as if he is exercising some sort of power over them that results in their not interfering with his dictatorship.

Does it not give the feel of a dictator when Obama’s IRS discovers that just those e-mail messages are missing that might display the guilt of his administration—and he gets away with it? Likewise, his handling of the Benghazi affair displays the same capacity to do anything with impunity—as would a dictator.

Maybe not the most important, but to me the most telling display of Barack Obama’s dictatorship resides in the recent flood of children coming from Central America and other places. From every indication he has orchestrated and perpetuates this disaster, and yet seems to do so without fear of reprisal from any corner.

But most revealing of all is the ban on access to these children. He prevents journalists, pastors, and even the Congress of the United States from free access to them. He may allow congressmen to see them, but only under very stringent conditions, setting up certain times, prohibiting pictures, not allowing them to talk to these children.

One might understand this level of control if the United States were holding some high-level prisoner on sensitive charges. But to deny United States Congressman, members of what the Constitution stipulates to be an equal branch of government, free access to children who have crossed the border illegally—that represents sheer dictatorial control.

Perhaps worst of all, he does the things with the ease of a dictator, as if he has every right to do them, seeming totally unconcerned about what anyone else might think or do. He projects the attitude of one who is in absolute control, and from all indications he does.

But maybe even worse than that, this dictatorial behavior has been becoming more strident and more blatant as his presidency has progressed. His reach becomes longer and his powers become greater. It is almost as if the Congress and the media and a large segment of the American people have come to accept his dictatorial rule. Perhaps that is the ultimate achievement of a successful dictator.

Barack Obama may be the American Augustus Caesar, moving our nation from its Republic form of government to become our first Emperor.

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