Can You Ask God to Bless America?

We have been pondering why God is allowing Satan to unleash his agenda and power on America to steal, kill, and destroy. In my previous post I suggested that this in part is due to our ingratitude, not only in failing to give thanks, but more significantly in our failing to acknowledge that the unprecedented blessings enjoyed by this nation have been derived from the hand of God.

As we approach July 4, with its picnics and fireworks celebrating our nation, I thought an appropriate way to frame a second reason for God allowing Satan to do his devilish work in our nation is in the form of the question, “Can you ask God to bless America?” What would God’s blessing on America achieved?

We have been doing abortions at a rate of about 1 million per year. Should God bless America so that between now and next July 4 we can slaughter another million innocent babies? And America finds it insufficient to slaughter its own babies. It has been at the forefront of promoting abortion around the world. So we not only have the blood of our own babies on our hands but those from other countries. Should we ask God to bless America where significant amounts of tax money go to Planned Parenthood, the number one abortion provider in the nation?

America has become the smut capital of the world. Our studios consistently produce entertainment that treats the name of God with disrespect. Should God bless America so that we can continue to blaspheme His Name? The same studios produce sexually explicit programming that erodes the morals of our nation. Even worse, this programming is sold all over the world, corrupting many nations on earth. Should God bless America so that we can corrupt the world? Unfortunately, one can’t even watch sports events without seeing commercials for television shows. I find especially offensive the gross immorality, the cheapness, the gutter language, presented in these commercials. I can’t imagine the content of the actual shows. Should God bless America so that we can continue to decline into this moral cesspool? Should God bless our nation so that we can sit in front of our televisions ingesting this depravity? So that the studios can pollute the rest of the world with their ethical excrement?

America has not only aggressively promoted homosexuality as a lifestyle that we should celebrate rather than a sinful orientation condemned by God. Beyond that, America uses its influence to promote homosexual causes around the world. Should we ask God to bless America so that it can propagate this corrupting influence around the globe? Should we ask God to bless America so that a Christian baker is forced to participate against his religious convictions in a homosexual wedding by baking a cake for it, or for Christian photographers to endorse this type of occasion to the utilization of their skills? Should we ask God to bless a land where counselors are not free to address issues related to homosexuality?

Should God bless a nation that donates millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization hostile to Christians and the nation Israel? Should we ask God to bless us so that we can continue to snub Israel, continue to seek to force them to hold positions and take actions contrary to their own best interests?

As a graduate of West Point, as a veteran of Vietnam, I have been one of the most avidly patriotic persons to be found anywhere. But I was not patriotic just because I happened to be born here. Mine was not a blind patriotism, America right or wrong. My patriotism was rooted in the godliness and decency of our nation, a history rooted in wisdom and justice and morality, a culture that exalted and promote character. Now that is gone. Even worse, the opposite traits have replaced these qualities.

All of the above is especially reprehensible in light of God’s blessing on this nation in the past, in light of our exposure to the Word of God and the opportunity we have had to know the truth. It would be bad enough if our defiance to the laws of God were done in ignorance, but this sort of corruption enacted in rebellion to previous knowledge of God and blessing from Him is especially reprehensible.

All this leads to the question, if I cannot ask God to bless America, and if in light of all of the above no fair-minded person can ask God to bless America, then what might be God’s position on the matter, who is far holier than we are? We must conclude that He cannot bless us, but must instead turn us over to Satan for his destructive work.

As we celebrate this Fourth of July we can ask God to bring America to repentance and return our nation to righteousness so that once again we can pray, “God bless America.”

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  1. Jeff Hartzler says:

    Yet another question would be; Can we ask God to bless America whose churches in great number have given themselves over to things other than the Spirit and Word of God? One Nigerian National said to me in jest; “Please get your churches straightened out as many of our pastors watch American televangelist and religious broadcasting in order to get their sermon ideas and it is killing the Nirgerian churches. Thanks again Dr. Brownback!

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