Is the Devil Empowering the Left?

In my last post I suggested that the devil was the dominating strategist for the left. From all indications the left is advancing Satan’s objectives to steal, kill, and destroy.

A related question is whether Satan is providing the left with the power to advance its objectives. Let me suggest a compelling reason to believe that he is: it would be humanly impossible for the left to exercise so much power otherwise.

Let me review just some of the raw power displayed by liberalism through the person of our current President.


It is amazing that we now have a President that does what he pleases well beyond the power vested in him. The name for that is dictatorship.

Frequently he takes action not granted to the Executive Branch, power invested by law in the Legislative Branch. For example, he decides what laws he will and won’t enforce though by law he is required to enforce them all. A case in point is his decision not to protect our Southern border.

But not only does he act lawlessly, but he has the unmitigated audacity to announce to the nation that he will. He made it no secret that if Congress did not pass the laws that he wants he has a phone and a pen, and he will move on his own—and he has. The list of his indiscretions could go on ad infinitum.

However, the real display of power in this lawless behavior resides in his ability to get away with it. The Constitution provides remedies, but not one person will lift a finger to stop him. They are willing to hold hearings and make strident pronouncements about his wrongdoings, but when it comes time to take substantive action, for some reason the Republicans are paralyzed into inaction. What power has immobilized them? No human force possesses that capacity.


Think about the power required to pass and implement this bill. Passing it required the Christmas Eve vote and use of the nuclear option, actions Republicans never could have survived.

In addition, ObamaCare won the battle in the Supreme Court regarding the individual mandate, which from my perspective required non-divine intervention. Many legal experts were shocked that Chief Justice John Roberts legitimized this part of the bill by declaring it a tax rather than a penalty. It is especially amazing that a Republican appointed justice would taint his reputation by resorting to such a legal contortion.

But the question I have, one to my knowledge no one has asked let alone answered, is that if the bill was passed identifying the individual mandate as a penalty, and if Chief Justice Roberts viewed it to be a tax, should it not have gone back to Congress so that it could be voted on as a tax? All knew that it could not pass as a tax. Why was another vote not required?

The capacity of this bill to snake through the legal process in this way reveals a supernatural but evil guiding hand.

Then there was its implementation, the utterly disastrous website and related issues. With all of that this demonically empowered juggernaut proved unstoppable.

The Scandals

Attached to the Benghazi scandal is enough bad baggage to bring down any presidency, with an ambassador and three others dead, lack of attempt to rescue, the exposed cover-up, hidden witnesses, questions regarding the whereabouts of the President, etc.

The VA scandal should have been extremely damaging in its own right, and also in exposing to the nation the future of ObamaCare.

The IRS scandal, employing a government agency to target political enemies and influence the outcome of an election, of itself should have been sufficient to topple this administration. Added now are the “lost emails,” a story obviously fabricated for damage control purposes.

These constitute only a few of the indiscretions that would have been lethal to any other administration. Again, the breathtaking extent of this administration’s power resides in the reality that President Obama is utterly unscathed by any of it. In fact, he is so unflustered by this trail of ObamaGates that he forges ahead unconcerned to enact his next display of totalitarian authority.

How can a Presidents possibly be untouched by any of this? How can he maintain and continue to exercise and flaunt power in the face of it all? In a nation that for several centuries was regulated by laws, how can one President totally disregard the law with impunity? I can only think of one answer.

In the book of Job we read that God allows Satan to do his devastating work. This leads to another question. Why is God allowing Satan to unleash this human weapon of mass destruction on our nation? I plan to deal with that question in my next post.

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