The Bible Exposes the Agenda of the Left

Though the Bible was completed almost two millennia ago, it gives us a concise and accurate description of the agenda of the left.

The Identity of the Left

What tent is designed to hold Muslims, gay activists, and feminists? Since Muslims advocate executing gays and enslaving women, what objective do Muslims, gay activists, and feminists share? The answer is that all are hostile toward Christianity. Like Pilate and Herod, they can find common ground in their adversity to Jesus Christ.

This reality reveals the identity of the left. Whatever subsidiary platform planks they might tout, their bottom line is the destruction of Christianity. Observing liberal activities as they have increased in power, we trace their movements in that direction.

If the left holds the ultimate objective of destroying Christianity, it has aligned itself with Satan. In observing the rise to power of liberalism in this country across many decades, it is easy to become a conspiracy theorist, to be convinced that some mastermind must have designed the brilliant and effective strategy that has allowed a relatively small minority of liberals to gain power over this country. I do believe in a conspiracy, and am convinced that the conspirator is Satan. His has been the guiding hand behind the liberal war on Christianity.

The Agenda of the Left

Though, as noted above, the ultimate objective of the left is to destroy Christianity, liberals, energized by Satan, pursue an even broader agenda which is described in the first part of John 10:10, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” By nature Satan is compelled to steal, kill, and destroy. He can’t help himself. That’s who he is.

As he dominates the attitudes, agenda, and actions of liberals, they manifest the same agenda.


In a broader sense, stealing comprises a foundational strategy in the liberal playbook. Have you ever noticed that liberalism is incapable of building anything? Therefore, the only way it can have anything is to steal it. For example, the mainline denominations in this nation were built largely on the proclamation of scriptural truth. After they were built, liberals stole them, at least in part by dishonesty, signing doctrinal statements they did not believe. The same applies to America as a whole. It became the greatest nation on earth energized by its Christian culture. Having reached its post-World War II zenith, liberals have now stolen it.

But their theft does not stop there. Liberals love big government, high taxes, and redistribution of wealth, all constituting forms of stealing. The more power they possess, the more they implement these initiatives, and the more they steal.


Liberals also manifest Satan’s inclination to kill. Over 54 million abortions represents a lot of killing. It would seem that only Satan could be so evil and so cruel as to commit such mass murder on the most innocent among us. We would like to believe that liberals are not that evil, that the Devil made them do it.

We find ourselves appalled at the cruelty of Herod in killing babies two years old and younger in Bethlehem, thinking that he could exterminate the Messiah. I would imagine that this heartless atrocity could only have snuffed out the lives of several hundred children at the most. The magnitude of American baby killing is about 10,000 times higher.

We find ourselves overwhelmed by the murders of the Holocaust while liberals perpetrate an American Holocaust against infants many times greater.


It is breathtaking to watch a liberal president, liberal Congress (which includes many establishment Republicans), liberal courts, liberal public in higher education institutions, and liberal news and entertainment media destroy in a few years a country built across several centuries by the blood, toil, sweat, and tears of its citizens.

Hippie political activities had as their goal to destroy the establishment, but had no apparent plan for building a replacement. They seemed to have possessed an unfounded faith that zenith-like a better world would rise from the ashes. President Obama with his roots in that culture seems to be implementing the same strategy in his plan for fundamentally transforming America. Notice that this agenda does not mention what it will be transformed into. It seems that he has not yet figured that out. His thinking seems to have only gotten as far as the destruction stage. As such, he is a disastrous President but a great liberal.

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