The Losing Side

In Friday’s post I listed many salient advantages which liberals enjoy as they promote their agenda in this country.

But, some would say, the Republicans have a few things going for them, too. However, the big question confronting us is how this Republican power helps us. By “us” I am referring to those who desire to return to constitutional government, decency, honesty, a smaller government that does not impose its power to limit our freedoms, and a government that spends and otherwise governs responsibly.

Two articles written lately effectively make the case that the Republicans are not there to help us move in that direction.

One article, “America’s Ruling Class—and the Perils of Revolution” by Angelo M. Codeville, discussed in a previous post, reveals that the current struggle is not between Democrat and Republican, but between the ruling class and ordinary citizens. The differences between the mainstream parties is minor, and they support one another in achieving their mutual agenda. For example, ObamaCare could have been stopped by the House through the power of the purse. They chose not to do so.

The Washington Times posted in an article entitled “America is an oligarchy, not a democracy or republic, university study finds,” by Cheryl M. Chumley. A study examined 1800 policies that were put in place by our government between 1981 and 2002. They discovered that when the political power brokers, be they politicians, big business, or special-interest groups, take a different position than the average American, the average American loses.

This article confirms the earlier one, indicating that the ruling class has no interest in representing its constituency but instead advances its own agenda. America is no longer governed by its people but by a relatively small group of powerbrokers.

Therefore, Republican power does us little good. Think back to the six years when Republicans controlled the White House, the House, and the Senate. Though some differences can be observed (we did not suffer the disaster we are experiencing now), decline continued, only at a slower pace. Planned Parenthood continue to be funded as did National Public Radio. Republicans who carp over the Democrats’ failure to achieve energy independence did precious little in that direction when they had control.

But, we should not lose hope. Now we have the Tea Party. David Brat’s victory in Virginia showed off their muscle to the nation.

My discouragement with them resides in their lack of unity, which seems to represent the conservative movements in this country across the board. Everyone has their own organization, and therefore they lack the essential power that comes with a unified assault. If an Army scatters its resources and attacks without coordination, those resources will be wasted and the enemy will not be defeated. That pretty well sums it up for the Tea Party.

To my knowledge, the Tea Party not only lacks unity, but it also lacks leadership. We might view Ted Cruz as filling that role, but if he does, it is only by public opinion and not official pronouncement.

I believe that the Tea Party will score some significant victories in the 2014 election. However, I doubt that this will result in significant change in how the Republicans operate.

And then there are the hundred and one other conservative organizations that seem to act ad hoc, wanting you to sign a petition and give money, but with no strategy actually able to make a change.

There’s also talk radio. I appreciate this mouthpiece for the right, and believe that it has achieved a lot in getting out the conservative message. However, it seems to have peaked out regarding its listening audience, and that doesn’t comprise enough votes to get the job done. In addition, it serves a negative purpose of making us feel that when Rush or Sean or Glenn make a pronouncement that something has been done. Now America knows about the evils of the IRS scandal, so we can be sure that it will get straightened out. It took me a while to realize that exposing such problems does little to fix them, especially when the left controls the media.

In addition, it seems that the talk radio audience is getting increasingly older. Despite abuse from Obama, the younger generation continues to favor the left.

The last segment of the American populace that might afford hope is the church. Should we place our hope in it? That will be our next topic.

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  1. Barry J. Frey says:

    If it’s an oligarchy is there any reason to vote ? Also, might an oligarchy be better than the “democracy” we have been experiencing ?

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