Is Evolution Going in Reverse?

It seems that evolution was doing so well until it came to human beings. The progress it achieved moving from amoebas to monkeys was truly amazing.

But then evolution took that next fateful step, producing human beings. Though we possess thumbs and oversized frontal lobes, many indicators suggest that the human being represents a giant step backward in the evolutionary process.

This point becomes obvious when we compare humans to the ubiquitous squirrel. Other than domestic animals, most of us living in civilization encounter few mammals other than squirrels, but it seems that squirrels abound everywhere. In fact, I wrote this post outside under the watchful eye of a squirrel. Since we encounter the squirrel as part of our daily experience we are qualified to make a comparison between them and our own species.

The first difference that might catch our attention is that for the most part they seem to get along well. We don’t find them organizing into brigades, filling nuts with explosives, and bombarding squirrels in the next neighborhood. If humans represent a step up the evolutionary ladder, why is it that we are relationally substandard to squirrels?

Not only do squirrels enjoy better relationships than humans, but indications abound that they also do better at the individual level.

Have you ever seen a depressed squirrel? Virtually all of the ones I see appear to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, so to speak. Nor have I encountered an alcoholic squirrels. A buzzed squirrel would probably not make it from one tree limb to the next, and since they seem to accomplish that feat with amazing consistency we can only assume that they are sober as judges (though that analogy may be unfair to squirrels). I’ve never seen a squirrel smoking either. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing an obese squirrel.

Yet, in all of these personal areas and so many more, human beings manifest problems. Could it be that Homo sapiens represent the first step back down the evolutionary ladder?

We are also confronted with human irresponsibility. If any squirrels are on nut-stamps I have not observed them. They seem to be quite responsible in storing food for the winter, caring for their own needs and those of their families. We could learn a thing or two from them regarding responsibility.

Some may contend that human beings are superior because of our intelligence. But consider this. Squirrels are smart enough to opt for limited government while human beings keep reelecting the same politicians that keep building bigger government and then raising taxes on them to support this bloated bureaucracy. How smart is that? No politician has ever fooled a squirrel, but human beings fall for their pitch every time. If we think squirrels are dumb, humans are even dumber. It seems that human beings rather than being at the top of the evolutionary tree may have fallen out of it.

This comparison brings us to quite a serious conclusion. If we contribute the progress of zoology to evolution, how do we explain all of the flaws exhibited by humans that are not found in the animal kingdom? Should not those superior animal qualities have been passed on to humankind?

Some secular authorities blame society for human problems. That position is hardly plausible since humans created society. In addition, humans do even worse without society. Think about the looting that takes place during catastrophes when police cannot maintain societal order. Some even think that religion has corrupts human beings. However, as we reflect on history we find that humans have done best where biblical Christianity has exercised the greatest influence.

All this leads to the conclusions that humans are not a product of evolution but the creation of God, and that humans only function well when they lived according to the Word of God.

One of the many irrationalities of the evolutionary hypothesis is found in the multitude of human deficiencies not found in the animal kingdom, unless we conclude that with human beings the evolutionary process shifted gears, and is now going in reverse. Maybe the ultimate proof of that theory is found in evolutionists themselves.

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