AWOL Evangelicals in the Culture War


My previous post discussed how no culture war really exists because the conservative side is not fighting. Meeting the definition of war requires that both sides fight. We pointed out that for the most part political conservatives have adopted as their primary war strategies retreat and surrender. Talk radio, while commenting on the war tends to avoid genuine conflict.

These observations raised the question of whether those belonging to the religious right have become actual combatants in the conflict.

What War Looks Like

In a previous post I referred to an article that takes issue with the “niceness” of evangelical Christianity. We have become so nice that it may be difficult for us to envision what a war looks like.

War actually involves people identifying the enemy, organizing themselves for combat, arming themselves, and developing a strategy that seeks to destroy the enemy. In most wars it is not the enemy per se that we seek to destroy but what they stand for, that which is making them hostile. For example, in World War II our goal was not to destroy the German people or even the German Army, but rather to destroy the Nazi regime and what it stood for.

Engaging in the culture war would require the same.

Identifying the Enemy

The left is not merely comprised of people with differences of opinion. They are people seeking to destroy us and to destroy Christianity, and they are conquering a lot of territory. They are the enemy. Until we identify them as such, acknowledge the brutality of their assault on us, and recognize the harm they are doing to us, our children, and our nation, we cannot fight this culture war. If there is no enemy, there is no war.

In fact, attendance at most evangelical churches on most Sundays would leave the impression that there is no war, no conflict at all,  that the church’s greatest challenge is organizing for VBS or meeting the budget. There seems to be a total lack of awareness, not to mention any intention to engage in battle.

Uniting and Planning

War requires unity and a strategy. The evangelical world has neither. We can’t even pretend to be at war without any war plans. There are a few individuals and a few organizations working hard fighting the battle. But the evangelical church in general is not united and has no strategy.

Going on the Attack

No war was ever won on the defensive. However, in the war with the gay agenda, evangelicals are constantly on the defensive, constantly reacting instead of acting.

Let me suggest what one aspect of going on the attack against homosexuality might look like. Homosexuality is abhorrent and destructive. It is abhorrent in its behavior and destructive in its inclinations. Evangelicals have been virtually silent in warning our nation in this regard. Instead, they talk about how much they love and respect homosexuals.

Homosexual promiscuity is abhorrent. Statistics exposing the average number of gay sexual partners is astounding. Gay sexual practices are grotesque. I read an article the other day indicating that among pedophiles homosexuals are represented at a very disproportionately high level. Evangelicals have not even tried to get this kind of information out to the public. In other words, they have not engaged in the battle at all.

John Kerry in condemning Uganda for their policy on punishing homosexuals made the brazen comment that their perspective on homosexuality was unscientific, and that he would send a team of scientists to help bring them into modern times. I believe the view that science supports homosexuality is a lie, a tactic liberals use a lot. There is a great deal of research exposing homosexuality for its profligate lifestyle and detrimental influence. Homosexuals have had to gin up the term homophobia to scare people from exposing the truth about them, and that strategy has worked extremely well. John Kerry is merely participating in this dishonesty.

Love or Cowardice?

But why are we not identifying, packaging, and disseminating the truth about homosexuality? I believe one answer is that we are too “loving” to do that. However, that is a much skewed perspective of love. To allow homosexuals to take over our society hardly represents a loving legacy to leave our children, hardly fulfills our obligation to the Lord.

There is no culture war. No one is fighting on our side. There is no identification of the enemy, no unity, no strategy, and above all no willingness to fight. For me the most repulsive aspect of all of this is that when the enemy takes over we will opine about it being a necessary evil linked to the end times, just part of the cross that we must bear. The truth is that when they take over, and unless something changes they will, it will be because of our preoccupation with lesser things, our lack of discipline, our lack of willingness to fight, and perhaps our cowardice.

I have no appreciation for homosexuality, but I do admire those advancing the gay agenda for their organization, planning, aggressiveness, and determination. How sad that they can possess such a high level of commitment to such a low level agenda while we have such a low level commitment to the world’s most glorious agenda. It is sad but true that we should aspire to be soldiers as smart and tough as the gay troops. How tragic.

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