The Left’s Lack of Integrity

The Left’s War on Women
The Houston mayor, Annise Parker, a Democrat, is proposing an ordinance that allows anyone dressed as a woman to enter a women’s bathroom, locker room, or shower room that is within the facilities of any Houston business. If this bill passes the City Council it will become law, and some believe that the mayor is confident she has the votes in the City Council.
It is difficult to get into the mind or emotions of a transgender person, and therefore it is difficult to know what a biological male transgender persons would be thinking or feeling as he watched a woman in a shower room.
However, I would expect that almost every woman would be extremely uncomfortable in that situation, and may likely feel threatened. She would no doubt feel equally as uncomfortable and disgusted if she encountered him taking a shower.
But perhaps even worse, if it can get worse, is the latitude this gives to any man to dress up as a woman and go into a woman’s shower room to take in the scenery. My guess is that this possibility will cross the mind of many a 19-year-old male. Think of how many guys are hooked on pornography. Why not go and enjoy the real thing.
Needless to say, it is difficult for me to get into the emotional space of a woman, but I would think that in this situation with a strange man viewing her body she would feel that something very precious had been taken from her, and in the case of a married woman, she would feel that this man took something that belonged to her husband. Even apart from any physical contact, that level of intimacy should not be the property of strangers.
Worse yet, it would be easy for a man in this situation to take pictures that could end up on the Internet or elsewhere.
And it gets worse yet if you go beyond voyeurism to men who are serious predators. This scenario goes beyond profound embarrassment and shame and the stealing of something precious to genuine danger. I can’t imagine a woman who had encountered a man in the shower room feeling safe going to her car.
What is absolutely outrageous is to expose what is probably over 99% of the women in Houston to this fate in order to advance the agenda and gain the favor of a very tiny minority.
Often the term integrity is used to refer to honesty. You can count on a person of integrity to tell the truth; not to steal.
However, the more foundational idea of integrity can be seen in the word integration. Something is integrated when it fits together. A color scheme in a house is integrated when it all fits together, when it flows from room to room. So the man who tells the truth has integrity in that what he tells to one person he also says to another. What he says fits with what he does. He does not have a fractured life but one that fits together.
The Integrity of the Truth
The truth as expressed in a worldview is like a jigsaw puzzle. It all fits together, integrates into a unified whole. If one piece of one’s worldview is not true that worldview cannot be integrated, just like trying to fit a piece from one puzzle into another puzzle.
Integrity and the Left
The left has so many misshaped pieces that very little fits together. The bill described above provides a graphic example. The left presents itself as the champion of women’s rights. It also advocates for the LGBT agenda. However, neither of these causes represent the truth, and therefore any attempt to join them into an integrated worldview fails.
In this example, advocacy for the transgender agenda conflicts with women’s rights. If the left decided to stand with women in this issue, they would offend transgender people. These positions just will not fit together—will not integrate. Therefore, the position of the Left in this case has no integrity.
This lack of integrity of the worldview of the Left shows itself in countless ways. One other current example is the protest by women’s rights advocates against a Muslim Hollywood hotel owner, Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, because of his support for Sharia Law in his country. The love affair of the Left with Islam fails to integrate with homosexual rights and women’s rights.
As a result of this fragmented worldview, the Left’s rainbow coalition looks more like a first grade finger-painting project. The good news for the Left is that truth does not seem to matter to them anyway.

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