The Perversity of the Left

Yesterday we considered the hypocrisy of the left, noting the pious condemnation by John Kerry of those who want others to live according to their beliefs while in fact the left is most guilty of this behavior. As evidence we cited the city of Pasadena placing Eric Walsh on administrative leave for expressing his own thoughts during his own time, and that expression taking place even before he was hired for his job.
If the hypocrisy of the left is bad, its perversity is worse. Graphic evidence is found as we trace further the saga of Eric Walsh.
Not only was he placed on administrative leave for expressing his perspectives on his personal time in his church, but for the same crime he was uninvited as the speaker for Pasadena City College’s commencement. Apparently it was unthinkable that the college would have a commencement speaker who held his own opinions regarding homosexuality and not theirs.
The plot thickens with the discovery that Eric Walsh was asked to speak because a speaker previously invited speaker had been uninvited. Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black had been scheduled to speak at the commencement, but he was canceled because photographs of him having sex with a male partner were circulating on the Internet.
This development in and of itself may not have been sufficient to uninvited him from the open-minded Pasadena City College—that is, minds open only to their own values, with which apparently Black concurs. However, the situation was exacerbated by a scandal the previous year involving a former professor, Hugo Schwyzer, who invited adult film stars to speak in a class on pornography and who had admitted to affairs with his students. The board of the school sensed that on the heels of this recent scandal it would be on advisable to have a commencement speaker photographed committing sexual acts.
If this is not enough to make you feel like you have to take a bath using Bible Brillo Pad, hold on, there’s more. The board has now re-invited Dustin Lance Black. Students were already protesting about his being uninvited, which is what prompted the investigation of his replacement, Eric Walsh. From the perspective of some students uninviting Black and inviting Walsh represented a double sin. As one student expressed it, “This was even worse, to have this person as [Black’s] replacement, of all people.”
So there you have it. A person expressing in his church the belief that homosexual behavior is wrong is definitely not the type of human being you would want to address college students at a commencement. A person photographed in gay sexual behavior, with pics displayed on the Internet, is your preference for a role model. These preferences are not only convey student opinion, but the board displayed even greater commitment to these values rejecting Walsh and re-inviting Black.
The really bad news is that these preferences do not represent an anomaly, the behavior of a fringe educational institution that can’t seem to get its act together regarding sexual perversity. Rather, this reflects the whole American left, which includes most universities. This is what they believed. This is how they act. This is where they are taking America.
It is not that they have no moral compass. That would be bad enough. But instead they have a moral compass that consistently points toward perversity. They embrace perversity. They promote perversity. And they condemn, silence, and fire anyone who does not.
There is one positive side to this morality of the left. It provides us with a real-life illustration of Sodom.

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