Cheap Talk

Serious Concerns

The fallout over the resignation of Brendan Eich, past CEO of Mozilla, continues. Many conservatives have published articles bemoaning the terrorist tactics used by the gay community to force Eich’s resignation.

One such article was written by Doctor Richard D Land, Executive Editor of Christian Post and President of Southern Evangelical Seminary. He states the case well, in his next-to-last paragraph, expressing it in these terms:

A new spirit of McCarthyism is loose among us. The gay thought police are challenging anyone they suspect of ever opposing or having qualms about their sexual lifestyle: “Are you now, or have you ever been, an opponent of same-sex marriage?’ If the answer is anything other than the unequivocal no, then you are “blacklisted,” with all the noxious consequences socially and economically that accompany it.

Not So Serious Conclusion

However, I felt that the last paragraph of the article was the most significant and extremely disappointing. Land stated:

It is well past time for all freedom-loving people of good will, heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual, to rise up and say clearly: “Enough! We are not going to allow you to trample the consciences and free speech rights of our fellow citizens.”

I have heard such pronouncements from those on the political and evangelical right for many years. I’m not questioning Dr. Land’s sincerity. I appreciate his desire for change. But doesn’t “We are not going to allow…,” sounds trite?

It is trite because we live in a country with laws and police to enforce those laws. Currently those laws favor the freedom of the gay community to put pressure on Mozilla. The point is, that we are in no position to “not allow” the gay community to act in the ways that it did in the Mozilla case. Therefore, making this pronouncement sounds strident but empty.

I make this point because cheap conservative talk that is no more than cheap conservative talk is dangerous, dangerous because it makes us feel like we have done something when we have done nothing. And doing nothing in today’s world on this issue is very dangerous.

More Talk

Across the years we have heard talk and more talk from conservatives especially on conservative radio. Most of the time the only action they espouse is more talk. I appreciate Glenn Beck, but his disapproval of boycotts provides an example of the sickening conservative unwillingness to act. To be fair, he does some activity in distributing food and helping small businesses, but these activities not represent a solution for stopping the fundamental transformation of America.

Need for a Plan

I would have been encouraged it if Dr. Land would have ended his article by asserting, “This is an issue that needs to be addressed, but currently we have no plan in place for doing so. However, in light of this development we must now get serious in formulating and implementing such a plan.”

I would have been even more encouraged if Dr. Land would have concluded, “The situation demands a plan of action, and my next article will outline such a plan,” or “It is essential that evangelicals develop a response to this aggression by gays, and I plan to meet with other evangelical leaders within the next several weeks to begin to develop one.” Such a response would have signaled sincerity in developing a solution as opposed to cheap talk.

The one talk show host who has presented a substantive proposal is Mark Levin, who in his book, Liberty Amendments, advances the idea of using a Constitutional provision for making amendments via a convention of the States. This book has generated significant activity. Though some have asserted that it will not work or will not work well, others believe it has merit and are moving ahead. In any case, it provides a plan of action and a plan that has created some action.

I believe that the solution must start with the church. It is my hope that Dr. Land will take his own rhetoric seriously and transform cheap talk into effective action.

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