Gay Power

Remember the free-speech advocates from the 60s and 70s? As it turned out, it was not free-speech they were after but their speech, and only theirs. Now that hippies have morphed into yuppies, and yuppies are now in power in media, government, corporations, and educational institutions, they have instituted political correctness, that is, freedom of speech only for those who agree with their position, and they manage to enforce that position with their power.

We find the same dynamic with homosexuals. Their claim of just wanting to be left alone to live as they wish turns out not to be their real agenda. Rather they are committed to the destruction of anyone with a different

Hurting Christians

We find this agenda lived out in the cases of Christian bakers and photographers who because of their religious convictions would not extend their services for homosexual weddings. These homosexuals took legal action despite the fact that they could easily have found someone who would be glad to take their business.

More recently, an article in Christian Post reports regarding this dynamic at work at Mozilla, the company that produces the Firefox web browser. Brendan Eich, who has worked at Mozilla for 15 years and created the JavaScript was recently named CEO. It was discovered that back in 2008 he had made a $1000 contribution in support of Proposition 8 in California, which called for the confining of marriage to one man and one woman. As a result, gays have begun a movement in the company to have him relieved as CEO.

One might understand their position had he been openly hostile to them in the workplace, but to have him fired as CEO because of a personal position in no way related to his work and expressed by a contribution six years ago reveals an agenda for hurting anyone who does not agree with their position.

It should be noted that CEOs of many companies have made extremely large donations to the LGBT cause, so there’s no problem with providing support in that direction, but those taking the opposite position should be fired. And though Eich has in effect made an apology and promised fair treatment to all, some believe that ultimately he will be let go.

Imagine the chilling effect this development has on any person working in a business community who might consider any type of support for traditional marriage. Regardless of how small or how long ago, such a display of one’s position could be used, and probably would be used, to get that person fired or prevent his promotion.


In addition to this show of force by the gay community, yet another means of flexing its muscles is revealed in a statement by Christie Koehler, who works as Mozilla’s education lead on their community building team. On her personal blog she wrote, “Certainly it would be problematic if Brendan’s behavior within Mozilla was explicitly discriminatory, or implicitly so in the form of repeated micro-aggressions.”

In case you’re not familiar with the term micro-aggression, it is a buzzword designed to keep those in line who might transgress against politically correct positions, even in the slightest. You may not openly oppose any cause protected by political correctness—you had better not. But nonetheless, your hidden hostility might slip out in minute but yet offensive slights, that is, micro-aggressions. Armed with this weapon, no one is safe. Almost anyone can be found guilty, if not of genuine micro-aggressions, imagined ones.

With this concern expressed by Christie Koehler and no doubt shared by others regarding the prospect of Eich committing micro-aggressions, one can only imagine the level of scrutiny to which he will be subjected. The good news for those wielding gay power is that he will probably be so intimidated that he will bend over backwards in their support. So whether he stays or goes, they win.

Implications for Christians

The bottom line for Christians is that the homosexual issue is being used to marginalize and even destroy us. Of course such a statement would no doubt be categorized as homophobia. Ask Brendan Eich if this fear of homosexual power is just a phobia. The experience of the baker and the photographer put every Christian businessperson on notice that he or she is defenseless against homosexual attack. They are left with two options: betrayed their Christian convictions or be fined and put out of business or even jail time. Likewise, Christians in the corporate world better keep a low profile, doing nothing in support of a traditional Christian position on this issue.

As I have followed the implementation of the homosexual agenda, not only by the gay community but also by the left in general, it has become apparent to me that at least one motivation for promoting this agenda is that it serves as a weapon to destroy Christians.

Perhaps some might conclude that there is only a minute prospect of their being targeted. That is probably the case, at least in the immediate future. However, terrorism works by indiscriminately hitting a few targets, which serves notice to everyone else regarding their vulnerability, resulting in their falling in line. I see that process already working in the Christian community.

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