I Am No Longer a Believer

Now that I think of it, I realize that I never really was a believer. Though many intelligent people do believe, I find that for me, belief just requires that I ignore too many facts that conflict with reality as I know it to be a believer. It is one thing to make a leap of faith, but one cannot just keep leaping without at least some place solid to land. And I am not finding that place that provides support in reality.

I am referring, of course, to being a believer in President Obama’s claim that he got the necessary seven million participants in ObamaCare. Today, Jay Carney announced that due to a fortuitous last minutes surge, 7.041 people had signed up prior to the midnight deadline yesterday. Unbelievable! Really!

One reason I am struggling to believe is because of the magical appearance of this figure. Being the most transparent presidency in history notwithstanding, up until today they seemed at a loss to tell us anything substantive about how the program was progressing. No one seemed to have any data. We couldn’t find out how many actually were signed up versus who had just visited the website. They didn’t know how many were insured and how many were just in process. They could not tell how many were paying, and thus helping to fund the program, and how many were placed into Medicaid and therefore were withdrawing from the program rather than paying into it. This lack of data, of course, was not surprising since the website was so broken that one would not expect that it would be able to provide data.

But today, just in time, just when the data was needed in order to celebrate success, the fog lifted, the uncertainty dissipated, the confusion cleared, and the data magically appeared. And amazing as it may seem, the total was just what was needed to claim victory. What seemed impossible just a few short days ago, now is reality. Or at least someone’s reality, the reality of true believers–the global warming cult.

I also struggle with being a believer because we have witnessed this magic before. The unemployment rate dropped just to the level needed to support President Obama in his bid for reelection. That was very fortunate.

A few days ago I made reference to an article by Victor Davis Hanson entitled: “Untruthful and Untrustworthy Government” in which he discussed that now we have government bureaucracies cooking the books to produce politically favorable data. One such means of doing so in regard to illegal immigration is to now count those who are turned back at the border as deportations, numbers not previously included in the deportation count. By this changing of the basis for counting deportations, the White House can claim that President Obama has deported more illegals than any of his predecessors, a statistic I heard quoted by a Democratic spokesperson just yesterday. The old adage, “Figures lie and liars figure” seems to fit in this case.

With these types of manipulations of data going on, I find it difficult to muster up the faith to believe today’s healthcare figure.

Amazingly though, it seems the many very intelligent mainstream media people have the capacity to believe. We can admire their great faith, faith sufficiently strong to have qualified them to be members of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple. Somehow, my faith is just not strong enough to get me there.

But let me reveal the ultimate reason that I am not believing. Even though the media and many others are being taken in, they will look foolish when somewhere around midnight President Obama tweets, “April fools.” With a story this far out, they should have known that he was just kidding.

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