Why America Should Fear Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has taken over the Crimea, and I see no prospect of that changing. It seems that of the existing global forces, all lack the desire, will, or power or all of the above to force him out.

The real concern is what next? The rest of the Ukraine? Other Eastern European countries? Cuba? Venezuela? An economic attack against the United States dollar (a much discussed issue)? A nuclear attack as hinted at by a Russian news anchor? No one knows, but it appears that whatever he decides to do we are powerless to stop him, or at least in a position of great vulnerability.

Reason for Vulnerability

Here are some reasons for viewing America as vulnerable.

We are weak militarily

Our military has been weakened by downsizing, by underfunding, by allowing gays to serve openly in the military, by President Obama’s dismissal of some of our best military leaders, and by the appointment of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, just to cite a few prongs of the Obama assault on the American armed forces.

We are weak governmentally

The news the other day was comprised of Vladimir Putin strengthening his position in Crimea and President Obama making his March Madness picks. The whole world seems to be laughing at President Obama’s lack of strength in dealing with this crisis. His lack of substantive response makes us vulnerable not only because of the absence of meaningful activity but also because it communicates our weakness to the world.

We are weak economically

Because of our vast indebtedness we are vulnerable to economic assault. Some believe that Russia and China are planning to join together to attempt to vastly weaken the American dollar, which would put our economy into a tailspin, which in turn will further undermine military strength.

We are weak morally

A passage of Scripture that causes me to fear for America is 2 Kings 24:3-4.

Surely at the commandment of the LORD this came upon Judah, to remove them from His sight because of the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he had done, and also because of the innocent blood that he had shed; for he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which the LORD would not pardon. (NKJV)

If God will not forgive Judah for the shedding of innocent blood by Manasseh, what reason do we have for believing that He will forgive America for the slaughter of in excess of 54 million unborn babies? In addition to this we have become the primary propagator of depraved entertainment, abortion, and homosexuality around the world. Ruth Graham once indicated that if God did not judge America He would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. How vastly more applicable is her observation today.

We are weak spiritually

The church in America has lost its power, resulting in its inability to function effectively as salt and light in our society. This has led to the church losing the culture war and America sliding into a post-Christian posture.

An even more profound evidence of spiritual feebleness is found in the failure of the church in America to pray for our nation’s well-being. One can attend many churches in America for many Sundays without ever encountering any urgent prayer on behalf of our nation, despite the desperation of our situation. Either the church must be clueless regarding the urgency of the hour, or it has lost confidence in the power of prayer. In either case this ecclesiastical state contributes significantly to the vulnerability of America.

We are weak volitionally

We seem to lack leaders with the resolve to deal with the challenges confronting us. Our President provides a prime example, but Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, Secretary of Defense Hagel, Speaker of the House Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Reid, Chief Justice Roberts, and many other prominent political leaders also seem to lack the fortitude, the resolve, the backbone, the character to deal with the issues confronting our nation. That reality gives us little hope that they will muster the strength and courage to take on an opponent as tough as Vladimir Putin.


The weaknesses catalogued above add up to an America vulnerable on practically every count. I believe that Americans should view our current situation, especially in light of Vladimir Putin’s aggressive posture, with deep concern. This circumstance should motivate believers to spend much time pleading with the Lord for His mercy for our nation, both for a revival within and protection without.

There is yet another reason for great concern for our nation in the face of this threat. I plan to share that with you tomorrow.

2 comments on “Why America Should Fear Vladimir Putin
  1. rstrep says:

    Though I can see your reasons for Vulnerability, not living in the USA but merely reading and hearing I can see your point.
    Vladimir Putin is a hard man, hard for lack of morals, hard for lack of spirituality hard because is the product of 75 years of a nation without God. I see that every day here in Spain as we deal with eastern Europeans: Russians, Ukrainians, Romanian, Bulgarians, Albanians, etc…
    Little fear of anything, no consciousness of God, NO value of life. I have lived this in the flesh.

    So yes I can see Putin challenging the world and saying “go on, make my day”. Then there is the historical roots of Crimea, subject that encompasses much of Europe, Nationalism and Origin. We are told that Russia is more economically dependent on Europe than Europe on Russia, but they hold the Natural Gas, and other resources. Europe and USA have great deal invested in Russia and vice versa.

    The Truth is Europe is just as if not more Vulnerable than the USA. With allies like that who would aid the USA. Great Brittan? They are a sad lot, and I love Britts, two of our churches are full of them, but they are further Vulnerable in those 6 points than the USA. Europe has had so many Wars on their soil that they are tired and will sell all for just peace.

    Yes I am sure that things in the USA are bad, but you ought to see it from my side of the Ocean!
    Post Christian, humanist, materialist, inclusivism, and Islam growing faster than the stats can keep up.

    Let the heathen rage, God the creator is on the throne. We pray for the return of Jesus? Even so come? Well it will get worse before it can get better. Let us be about our fathers business for the night is coming when no man can work. 1Tim 2:1-4 Romans 13

    • Paul Brownback says:

      Thanks for the perspective from your part of the world. That is helpful. The softness, lack of will, of American society that has developed in the past several years compared with the hardness you described underscores just how vulnerable we are. As you stated, we must be more diligent than ever as the Lord’s return approaches.

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