Why Americans Are Oblivious to National Danger

In my previous post I made the point that the greatest threat to America consists of our lack of concern regarding the threats confronting us. If we were gripped by a sufficient level of concern, we have the resources to defend against the dangers. However, our indifference prevents us from protecting ourselves.

How could we be so indifferent towards matters that could inflict horrific suffering on us and our loved ones?

The Dominant Factor

Many factors contribute to this lack of concern regarding danger. However, the major contributor is that American culture has taught us to determine reality based on experience rather than intellect. The culture of the 60s, which is still with us today, is feelings oriented.

Think about the two successful presidential campaigns of Barack Obama. During the first one he possessed absolutely no credentials that would provide a rational basis for his holding the office of President, but he won based on a feel-good platform. He succeeded likewise in his second campaign with an absolutely atrocious record but another feel-good message.

Likewise, ask most Americans about their view of life, and you will get feel-good answers as opposed to rational ones. They will spout platitudes such as, “Everything happens for a purpose” when asked about a difficulty, and “He is in a better place” when confronted with death, neither answer in any way rooted in a coherent worldview.

Our Experience Tells Us Not to Worry

Most Americans Have Not Experienced National Danger

About the only threat most Americans living today have felt was in regard to 9/11, and most of us were nowhere near the actual danger. Therefore, most Americans have never felt their way of life threatened. If we were living in Israel or Syria we might take threats more seriously, but our experience tells us that we are okay. Life will always be as it is right now.

In fact, I have heard conservative talk show hosts say something to the effect that, “We’re Americans, so we will figure out a way to deal with our problems. We always have, and we always will.”

This sense of safety disregards the rationally based dangers we discussed in the previous post. It only concerns itself with immediate experience.

The Government Keeps Us Comfortable

Most Americans don’t experienced discomfort because the government insures that we don’t.

Pres. Obama manages to artificially pump up the economy and pass out enough benefits to make life feel like everything is fine. Of course, his policies are absolutely devouring any remaining present assets and those belonging to future generations. We hear politicians cry that our current fiscal policies are unsustainable.

But in my neighborhood today everything seems just fine. Life is no different than it was 10 years ago. So what’s the worry?

Concerns about consumption of our economic present and future are logical conclusions and not experienced realities. Our President knows that if he props up our experience people will not concern themselves with the theoretical though real disasters he is inflicting. The area in which he finds himself in trouble is Obamacare, where people are starting to experience painful realities. Therefore, he keeps backing off on its implementation. One would think that doing so would warn people that when implementation comes it will create disaster. However, he is well aware the American people will not apply that rational analysis as long as they are comfortable today.

Spiritual Comfort

We find the same process at work in our churches. Sermons today tend to be “needs oriented,” assuring parishioners that God is looking out for them, and therefore everything will be okay. The important issue is that people experience comfort at church.

Of course, study of the Word of God, not to mention history, tells us that we have good reason to suspect that everything will not be okay. Do we really think that God will not judge America for the lives of over 56 million unborn, partially-born, and even some fully-born babies that have been murdered legally?

When expressing some concerns, I have had more than one Christian respond cheerily, “Well, God is in control.” This super-spiritual, superficially spiritual response does not take into account that God was in control when Jerusalem was destroyed, men were murdered, women raped, and children carried into captivity. Jeremiah did not seem to take particular comfort in the reality that God was in control.

The Solution

Americans desperately need to stop determining reality based on experience and begin doing so by the employment of rational analysis both in assessing national and spiritual security. This requires the study of our national situation and the study of Scripture. Both would reveal that we are confronted with imminent dangers that call for immediate and drastic action.

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