Do Evangelicals Live in Silos Too?

Liberal Silos

A previous post observed that as liberals reject God, they choose friends, reading material, educational institutions, and other sources of input that confirm this position, shutting themselves off to feedback from the other side. Therefore, regardless of how irrational their position might be, they never become exposed to its critique. For example, liberals cannot see the incongruity in saving baby seals and turtles while killing baby humans because they never expose themselves to the irrationality of this position.

Evangelical Silos

Well, the same case can be made regarding evangelicals, can’t it?

We tend to live in the church, talk radio, Fox news, Christian education, and even home school silo. So once we embrace God, we shut ourselves off from other sources of input just as liberals do.

So we can make no claim to being more objective than they are. The only difference is our choice of silos. Somewhere in our past either parents or culture or some other factor caused us to gravitate toward the Christian silo and them toward a liberal silo. Once the decision was made, we both closed the doors to our silos and now live in environments that reinforce our prejudices.

The Different Design of Evangelical Silos

The flaw in the rationale described above resides in the different design of the evangelical silo. Unlike the liberal silo, the evangelical silo has audio and video connections to the liberal silo, windows through which it can see the liberal silo, and even passageways that allow visits, sometimes long-term visits, into the world of the liberal silo.

I am referring to evangelical exposure to liberal input, which for the most part is a one-way street. Evangelicals are far more likely to watch secular movies and television, listen to secular music, read secular books, and even attend secular schools.

Beyond high school, which was secular, I attended four schools. Three of them were secular. I wonder how many liberals have gleaned 75% of their educational input from Christian institutions.

I recall sitting in a Philosophy of Theology class for my PhD at New York University with the head of the department as the professor. This was a summer course, so we met for three hours a day for about three weeks as I recall. It soon became apparent that my perspectives were diametrically opposed to the rest of the class, and to some extent the class entailed grilling me on the positions I held. At one point the professor asked, “How can you believe these things.” I responded, “The reason you have difficulty in understanding why I hold my perspectives is that you have a set of books that teach your views and we have a set of books that teach our views. I have read your books, but you have not read mine.” To that he did not have an answer.

And that is just the point. Evangelicals are far more open to and exposed to and knowledgeable of input from liberally oriented secular sources then are liberals to evangelical ones.

The Bottom Line

Since evangelicals are more familiar with the liberal side than vice versa, we are in a better position to evaluate which worldview is valid.

I recall as I attended theology class at Talbot Seminary, as the professor presented the evangelical perspective in the back of my mind I thought, “Though this makes sense, I am sure liberals have at least a challenging response to this position.” In other words, I assumed that if I used this line of reasoning in a liberal silo that they would be able to give a somewhat compelling reason for their position. When got to New York University I expected to be exposed to that other side. I was quite surprised to discover that they really did not have good answers to evangelical positions.

This is why evolutionists must keep Intelligent Design out of schools. They offer the pretext that Intelligent Designed is religion and therefore does not belong in the science classroom. However, this is not true, and they know it. The reality is that they can only hold their positions in a silo that has the doors bolted shut and the windows boarded over. Any light allowed to penetrate liberal darkness would quickly expose the truth that virtually every liberal position is founded on junk science and irrational thinking.

So much for open-minded liberalism.

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