The Utter Chaos of the Liberal Worldview

Following the Emotions Engenders Rationalization

In yesterday’s post I discussed the inclination of the human personality toward unity. If the will decides in favor of the guidance of the intellect, in most cases the desire for unity of personality will prompt the emotions to follow along, the individual sensing satisfaction and even enjoying the direction taken by the will and the mind. If the will follow the leading of the emotions, than the intellect achieves unity of personality through rationalization.

Since the intellect tends to be in touch with reality, especially as it is advised by empirical data in Scripture, when the will follows the intellect, the individual is embracing reality. By way of contrast, the emotions tend not to be connected to reality. Therefore, attempts at rationalization by the mind when the emotions take the lead result in the individual buying into unreality. I really deserve this triple dip of ice cream in view of all I have been through today.

Rationalization Engenders a Worldview Devoid of Reality

Yesterday I noted that in addition to the immediate danger of rationalization sanctioning bad behavior, the longer-term and greater harm done by rationalization resides in the skewing of the individual’s perspective of reality.

For example, the rationalization of cohabitation to satisfy the desires not only justifies the adoption of a problematic relationship but also influences the person’s broader view of life. Needing to rationalize cohabitation, the person must reject the biblical mandate for marriage, which at least to some extent will undermine one’s confidence in Scripture or even in the existence of God.

This opens the door for other unbiblical choices, which further erode biblical beliefs. Ultimately this process results in an unbiblical worldview in which the individual either makes up his own perspective of God or totally eliminates Him from his worldview.

Rationalization not only influences our perspective of God but other dimensions of reality also. Buying what we can afford results in rationalization of irresponsible spending, which in turn can diminish the importance of responsibility in general.

This process leads to a worldview disconnected from reality.

Unreality Necessarily Create Worldview Fragmentation

Creating a worldview based on reality is much like doing a jigsaw puzzle. With the puzzle, the pieces only fit together one way. Imagine if for some reason a person works to put it together in another way. He might get some of the pieces to fit with each other, and he might even get several groupings of pieces. However, if he did not follow the design, the puzzle ultimately will not fit together in a unified whole. It will be fragmented.

Or even worse, imagine if this person tries to substitute pieces from a different puzzle. The end result would be chaos.

Likewise, there is only one reality. Therefore, attempts to develop a worldview that does not conform to reality either by refusing to put the pieces together according to reality or by substituting pieces from unreality will necessarily end up with a worldview that does not hang together. Consequently, this will lead to inconsistencies in perspectives and behaviors.

The Unrealities of Liberal Worldviews Foster Failure

The Liberal worldview for the most part either rejects the existence of God or assigns Him a nature and role inconsistent with reality. The same is true of their perception of the Bible. Likewise, they view human beings as possessing attributes that do not reflect reality, not to mention the perspective of animal-rights groups regarding rats and environmentalists regarding trees and snails.

This all might work if they did not have to live in the real world. Perhaps they could design some sort of Utopia that at least in the arena of their own minds would hang together and function. To a large degree communism constituted just that sort of system. Karl Marx devised a view of the world that seemed to a great extent to be integrated and functional.

The failure of communism resided in the fact that real human beings did not function like the human beings postulated by Marx. Had he been able to employ his system in the world he created it might have worked. However, efforts to employ it in the world of reality revealed that Marx was not in touch with reality. His make-believe human being did not need God. This Marxist human being also would exercise his capabilities to the fullest if he would get his fair share. Neither attribute reflects real human beings, and consequently communism always collapses.

The same is true of every worldview disconnected from the realities of Scripture and valid empirical evidence.

The Fragmentation of the Contemporary Liberal Worldview

Contemporary liberals are confronted with the problem that virtually none of their worldviews have worked. Communism and socialism have proven to be utter disaster. The French Revolution was distinct from the American Revolution in that it rejected God with the same fervor that the American Revolution embraced Him. The result was murder and mayhem and collapse.

A more recent attempt at a liberal worldview is found in materialism, the belief that only matter and energy exist, that our world came into being through the Big Bangs and that life developed by means of evolution. Though this is one of the systems still with us today, it has failed to produce the promised utopia, and even more significant, it provided no satisfaction to the human heart, devaluing human beings into a molecular robot without a soul or value or a future.

Consequently, the contemporary liberal for the most part has no commitment to a worldview. Even a make reference to postmodernism, but even with that perspective scholars are unable to agree on its meaning.

As a result, contemporary Westerners, whether in academia or persons on the street, have no integrated belief system. At best they hold a hodgepodge of perspectives that don’t hang together.

Case in Point

Liberals reveal their intellectual confusion in countless ways. Let me cite a contemporary example.

Multiculturalists have contended that all belief systems are of equal value, the exception being Western culture, and especially the Christian worldview. Consequently, our great need is to admit Western, especially Christian, inferiority and learn from Africans, communists, and Eastern Indians.

Of late, Westerners have decided that homosexuality constitutes an orientation and lifestyle to be celebrated. The ultimate Western sin consists of any negative attitude toward homosexuality.

A recent article in the Christian Post reports that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, has enacted laws prohibiting homosexual marriage, public homosexual behaviors, and the existence of homosexually oriented organizations. Other nations restricting or banning homosexuality include Uganda, Russia, and India, as well as practically all Islamic nations. The new laws in Nigeria enjoy practically universal support by the Nigerian population.

Since the Western world has bought into multiculturalism, this would provide us with a great opportunity to learn from the very people groups that the multiculturalists have touted as possessing cultural superiority. To the contrary, the Western response has been one of shock and dismay.

So which do liberals advocate, multiculturalism or pro-homosexuality? The answer is that the left is so fragmented in its belief system, so devoid of any sort of integrated worldview, so far removed from reality, so characterized by intellectual chaos, that they have no idea what they believe. Their only certain conviction, the only North Star in their belief system, is a hostility toward the God of the Bible, and therefore toward anything remotely connected to Him. In other words, having rationalized away God, their belief system begins with total unreality and thus has no hope of achieving integrity and of functioning in the real world.

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