Actions that Kill Elephants

We have been talking about the elephants of persecuted Christians, abortion, and political assaults on Christians. One reason Christians don’t think and talk about these issues is that we believe that we can do nothing about them.

In last Friday’s post I pointed out that prayer constitutes a powerful weapon for killing elephants that remains largely unused, while Christians around the world are tortured and killed, babies murdered, and our rights are systematically stripped from us.

Though our assault on these elephants must all begin with prayer, if we would commit a significant segment of our church worship time to prayer God would mobilize us to action.

What might those actions entail?

How to End Abortion in America in 2014

If the church were committed to terminate legal abortion in America it could do so. The problem is not inability but inactivity.


The first step, as noted above, would be prayer. The next would entail commitment by church leadership. Imagine if all church leaders across America committed themselves to end abortion in 2014. Since we are dealing with the murder of a million innocent babies, that would be a worthy objective, one with which I believe the Lord would be very pleased.

This commitment would would include the commitment of resources and work toward the subject. Which is more important, a new family life center, a new sound system, the youth group ski trip, or saving the lives of babies from excruciating murder? To date our answer as reflected in our actions is found in the former.


Once the leadership of the church has made this commitment, the next step would be to mobilize the whole church body through information. I vividly recall as I listened to the audiobook The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian coming upon the section dealing with abortion. As Kupelian was describing the horrors inflicted on unborn babies and babies in the process of being born tears coursed down my face. I wept over the plight of these innocent babies and the agony they endure. I don’t believe that my heart is any tenderer than that of other believers. The problem is that most are not exposed to this information, and those who are aware are not confronted with its reality.

What if a pastor informed the congregation that a video of an abortion was going to be shown at the next Sunday morning service, encouraging them to exercise parental guidance? In addition to the video the pastor would discuss the abortion issue in America, its frequency, various methods used, late-term abortion, and even infanticide inflicted on babies surviving abortion. This would be the first Sunday in 2014. He would announce the commitment of church leaders to end the scourge by the end of 2014.

He would ask for their commitment to this objective, explaining the cost. He would recommend books such as the one cited above and others. Posters around the church would be ubiquitous reminders of the urgency of the cause. This would become a major theme in prayer meetings, small groups, Sunday school classes, as well as in the morning worship service. I am convinced that as God’s people became fully aware of the scourge, they would mobilize to action.


Individual churches would not be capable of ending abortion in America. It would require united effort of all of God’s people. We would need to break down the walls of our silos and join hands with other believers, forming a national movement specifically committed to ending abortion in America in 2014.

This would lead to the appointment of a committee tasked with accomplishing this objective.

Local Action

The central committee would appoint area committees that would mobilize local action. These local committees would discover the names of every doctor committing abortions in their area. Every day hundreds of volunteers would surround his home with large signs that included his picture and informing neighbors and others that he was a baby murderer. His picture would be plastered all over town, on yard signs, billboards, and elsewhere. Signs would include the precise methods he used to murder babies. Other signs would announce how many babies he had murdered yesterday. Some signs would reflect how much money he makes doing abortions, informing the town that he is a paid killer. Every media outlet would be pursued to inform the community that a murderer lived in their midst.

I am convinced that just this step if dogmatically pursued would end most abortions in America in short order. It is doubtful that too many doctors would be willing to subject themselves and their families to this type of exposure.

The same approach would be used related to abortion clinics. This is already being done, but the problem resides in the limited and uncoordinated effort. If multiplied thousands of believers from local churches coordinated by an action committee would join in this effort it would be far more effective.

National Action

The national committee would use every means at its disposal to mobilize the general population by confronting Americans about the true nature of abortion. They would enlist marketing firms for this campaign.

They would generate television specials that showed abortions, describing in detail what was involved. They would expose Planned Parenthood and other organizations, revealing that their goal was not to help women but to make money by killing innocent babies.

They would also expose politicians who voted to finance Planned Parenthood, using the same tactics used against abortion doctors. I am convinced that if politicians were confronted with thousands of people relentlessly surrounding their houses daily to inform their neighbors and the public that they had voted to fund murder for political gain, these politicians would think twice before financing murder the next time.

If this simple plan were employed, I am convinced that we could end legal abortion in 2014.

Why We Don’t

The plan suggest above is not rocket science. Almost any person seriously thinking about the problem and potential solutions could come up with a better one. I believe a plan like this would work. The church in America could have done this in 1973, saving lives of millions of babies. Why haven’t we?

A companion question consists of why homosexuals comprising 2% of the American population have advanced their agenda, which is currently dominating American culture, while the church, comprising a far greater segment of the population, not only has failed to implement the type of program above, but also finds itself in retreat?

This may be the most crucial issue confronting the church today. I plan to answer that question in tomorrow’s post.

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