Government Shutdown: The Needed Element for Conservative Victory

So how is it all going to end?

The Standard, Predictable Scenario

The media control the narrative. President Obama uses that bully pulpit to hammer home his agenda. The media hang on and amplify his every word. Harry Reid does his usual lie and blame routine. The Republican response is relatively moderate and lost in the shuffle. Talk radio does its part to get out the truth, but they are preaching to the choir. Either public opinion shifts toward wanting the Republicans to make whatever concessions are required or the media make it sound like public opinion has shifted in that direction whether it is true or not. (They are experts at controlling our society by creating false realities.) The perception that the public is against them scares some of the more conservative Republicans, who then join with the RINO’s that wanted to cave all along. John Boehner comes out with the white flag flying. The Democrats win, the Republicans credit themselves with putting up a good fight (though they achieved nothing), and the American people are the real losers, being stuck with ObamaCare and all its horrible ramification such as bad healthcare (or in some cases none at all), deeper indebtedness, and vastly greater government control over their lives.

Anyone who follows politics has seen this scenario play out time and again. It is my hope that this time the process and outcome will be different. Perhaps in this situation the American people are so dead set against ObamaCare that not even the media will be able to make it look otherwise. Since the distortions of reality perpetrated by Pres. Obama and Harry Reid are such obvious misrepresentations of the truth, it is my hope that the American people will respond in disgust.

However, history places the odds against us.

The Superficial Element Needed for Conservative Victory

The scenario above teaches us that the bottom line entails swaying public opinion. Liberals already have a corner on that market controlling the mainstream media and the educational system. Now they also control the White House and the Senate. As already mentioned, talk radio and conservative blogs may help, but for the most part they only reach the segment of Americans who are already conservatives. They are not influencing the broader base of our society.

What is needed, then, is some means of circumventing the media distortion of reality and directly influencing the American public.

The Foundational Element Needed for Conservative Victory

On 9/11 thousands of bikers rode into Washington DC. “On their Facebook page, in all caps, the group said they will stand by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, adding that they’re ‘against any fundamental transformation of America.’” They hoped to have two million bikers but apparently missed that goal. Nonetheless, thousands participated, and we appreciate their efforts. However, they arrived and they left, and little or nothing was accomplished toward their stated goals,

October 11 marks the beginning of a similar effort by truckers to bring our nation to a standstill with the hopes of achieving similar outcomes as those sought by the bikers. Hopefully they will have more success. Their strategy of shutting things down, if achieved, promises more success than bikers who just came and went.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, is seeking to swarm Washington with millions of protesters on November 19. It is difficult to know at this time the number of people he will be able to amass or the effect that it will have.

Imagine, though, the impact if all of these three initiatives were taking place today. Think about thousands of bikers storming into DC followed by millions of protesters organized by Larry Klayman, and then countless truckers moving in, tying up traffic for miles around, and in so doing shutting down the city.

The news media would have a difficult time ignoring this or attributing it to some fringe group. Imagine the support that conservatives in Congress would feel. Instead of caving, they would be encouraged to hold their ground until the Democrats capitulated.

A quick analysis of what has happened and what needs to happen reveals that the missing ingredient is unity. Plenty of people are interested in doing something, but because these efforts are so scattered little is accomplished. Had the initiatives been coordinated, probably a great deal would be achieved.

This is the case not only in regard to Washington protests but also in the area of conservative movements in general. Most of us can list scores of conservative organizations seeking to prevent the President’s transformation of America and related issues, but because there is no unified effort, no centralized strategy, they are not achieving success. We might win a battle here or there, but the overall trend favors liberalism.

This is also the case with evangelical Christianity. Imagine if a committee was established that represented evangelicals across the nation. What if such a group would coordinate evangelical responses to political issues and other societal concerns? I am convinced that it could produce a transformation of America in the right direction.

Isn’t it strange that the unity spoken of by Jesus Christ turns out to be the missing ingredient that is resulting in the church’s ineffectiveness as salt and light in America?

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