Maybe I Can Help—A Personal Note

These are tough times on many counts. We find virtually every aspect of our society disintegrating: everything from the economy to morality is precipitously declining. In a Forbes magazine article, Maura Pennington reports that “Almost 22 million twenty-somethings live with their parents.”

The hardest part for many people, especially Christians, is that no one seems to be held accountable for our decline. In fact, the title of the Forbes article is “Millions Of Millenials Live At Home And Support The Policies That Keep Them There.” The hardest part of the election of Pres. Obama for a second term is not found in the damage that four more years of his leadership might precipitate, though from all indications that will be vast, but even worse is the fact that a candidate with a razor thin resume to begin with and utter failure during his first term would be reelected.

This leads to the question of how we got here. Most people recognize that something happened in the 60s that created a cultural paradigm shift for the worst. However, they have difficulty identifying precisely what that entailed and how it is affecting us today.

Not knowing is disorienting. Have you ever been in a strange room in the middle of the night when it was pitch black and gotten turned around? If you have, you know that it’s a terrible feeling. You keep groping for a light switch or a door or something, but just keep bumping into things. I believe most Americans who consider themselves conservatives feel that way about America today.

And because we don’t know the cause of our cultural derangement, we can’t begin to develop a solution. I find myself highly frustrated by radio talk show hosts who keeps complaining that initiatives of President Obama are unconstitutional. Does the Constitution provide no remedy? If it does, why don’t they talk about that? They practically never deal with solutions, the exception being Mark Levin’s new book, but that is coming late to the party and will take a long time to implement. As noted in a previous post, the church also is failing to provide a solution through its salt and light capability.

If you are suffering from the frustration of not knowing how we got here and consequently not knowing the way out, I believe this blog can help. If you will follow the analysis of the culture that I plan to provide over the next several months I am convinced that you will find a convincing diagnosis of our cultural disease, what caused it, and the cure.

I know that for myself, just knowing what is going on is helpful. If you’re on a hike in the woods and get lost, discovering some landmark that tells you where you are provides a significant degree of relief even though it brings you no closer to home. Likewise, it is difficult to live in a culture when you don’t know what makes it tick. This is especially difficult in our current culture that seems not to make any rational sense, for example, the reelection of President Obama mentioned above. Though we can blame it on low information voters, and no doubt they contributed significantly to his reelection, many intelligent and well-informed people also voted for him. Though you probably will not agree with their reasons, understanding what drives them can give you the sense that you have your bearings.

Beyond that, this knowledge will help you to contribute to the solution. It will enable you to use the various resources at your disposal to move our society, and the church within our society, in a helpful direction.

And yet another benefit is that this knowledge can also rescue you from falling into the various potholes dug by contemporary culture. Not understanding the root concepts that drive our society can make you vulnerable to its pitfalls.

My purpose in writing this blog day by day is to help you as individuals, the church in America, and our nation to develop a clear understanding of where we have gone wrong and to point the way out. I trust that you will keep reading and also direct others to this blog so that together we might escape the evils that have taken control of our society and see a new day dawn in America.

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  1. Scott Hilt says:

    This latest assault on Christian influence over our culture is a refining of the last great attack faced by the church; namely, that of evolutionary Darwinism. It took decades for church leadership to examine the doctrines of Darwin and come up with scientific, Biblical refutation of it’s teachings. The attempt of this blog to identify the causes of our current cultural state, as well as the methodology applied by the enemy, will hopefully help and motivate the church to fulfill its role as ‘salt’ and ‘light’ in our culture.

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